Mere Sai 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Sai helps Sripaji and his wife

Mere Sai 4th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

A man scolds his servants says, our cart wheel broke, if something will happen to my daughter what would I do?

Sai sees Sripaji and his wife and asks them why are they still here, and why didn’t they go to their granddaughter for her wedding arrangements. Sripaji says what arrangements. Sai says why are you two so worried.

The man prays to God for his daughter says my daughter’s life is in danger please save her, please help me.

Sripaji says to Sai, I am a poor and didn’t you understand I am here with a hope of help from you, you helped everyone, you could help us too and give us something to help ny daughter financial. Sai says I gave pomegranates. Sripaji says to Sai, it would have been better if you gave nothing. I don’t want this and throws it. It falls in the man ‘s feet. He walks to Sripaji and asks for pomegranate and says it will help my daughter. Sripaji gives him all fruits. Man says thankyou for them, how can I thank you. Sai says they came here to take blessings for their granddaughter you bless her too. Man says to Sripaji you saved my daughter, and your granddaughter is like my daughter will make arrangements for her wedding, don’t leave I will come back after giving medicine to my daughter and leaves. Sai says to Sripaji, Baba Mai are your problems over now. Mai says yes our problem is solved, but we misunderstood you, please forgive us. Sai blesses them.

Tejasvi cooking, Keshav walks to her and says its very hot here, let me open windows, the air is nice here. Tejasvi says don’t, mills smog comes in, you sit will serve food. Keshav says you cooked all this. Tejasvi says yes little celebration for your new job. Keshav says that is nice but where did you get money from. Tejasvi says from your Shirdi savings you gave me. Keshav says Tejasvi this way will run out of money. Tejasvi says its very expensive here, and I have never done it. Keshav says we will have to learn, think twice before you buy and don’t wear so much jewellery people then fool you. Lights go off. Tejasvi says here always lights go off.

Keshav’s mother in his bedroom. She misses Prahlad.

Sai talks to a bird abd follows the bird saying fell from best where is he.
Keshav tells Tejasvi about War and how is company sends officers for war and provide them necessities and do you know how I got the job. Prahlad wakes up due to train noise. Tejasvi says he is becomes frustrated because of this.
Keshav’s mother thinks Keshav my son are you fine and happy.

Sai talks to bird and says I understand ypur pain, but when your child tries to fly, he will keep falling but we can’t stop flying because we are scared of falling, we should keep trying. Birds fly. Sai smiles.

Srinivas shows Keshav godown and says if Shankar Seth can give job he can take away too, so work properly and leaves. Keshav prays to Sai and starts his work.

Kids ask Sai why is he eating bitter neem. Sai says for inner purification and sats come let me explain you.

Srinivas and his colleagues steal essentials from godown and discuss how will we deal with Shankar he is little too honest. Srinivas says we will find a solution.

Sai shows ladoos to kids and asks them to carefully observe them. They says ladoo looks good. Sai opens ladoo and shows its hollow from inside. Sai says because ants ate them and this is how our mind and body is and if we don’t take care of our body it will be prone to diseases, also stay away from negativity it ruins our mental peace.

Prahlad goes to school and few kids ask him in English, is he joining their school and where does he stay. Tejasvi says answer them you know English too. Kids mock Prahlad and leave. Tejasvi says to Prahlad, don’t worry one day even you will learn good English, and you will be a king and all will salute you.
Prahlad says to Tejasvi I don’t want all this.

Tejasvi and Prahlad reach chawl. Tejasvi in high volume says my son won’t study in ordinary school but an English medium school. Chintamni scolds a chawl person for breaking rules. Tejasvi says to Chintamni, forget the anger and here have sweets. Chinatmani asks you giving me sweets. Tejasvi says in my house we distribute sweets made in desi ghee for occasions. Chintamani asks whats the occasion. Tejasvi says my son is going to study in rich English school whoes fees are more than your chawls rent. Chintamani says but Keshav said he has money issues and so didn’t give me deposit, so next time don’t come arguing to me and this school admission and sweets are from my money and take this as a favour from me to you.

Keshav checks inventory, Keshav informs Srinivas that there is less stuff than what is in registery. Srinivas says may be you counted wrong and you are new here and my junior you can’t question me go leave.

Sai sees Keshav is worried and says Keshav in his havan and says don’t give up on your principals and truth however difficult the path be.

Pre cap: Sai is informed by a villager that his house is having lot of thefts and he is suspicious of his son’s friend Sanju. Sai says okay let’s find that out and asks Baizamaa to go at Yamuna’s and send Sanju to Dwarka Mai to have food with Sai.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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