Mere Sai 3rd October 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Sarkar’s Is Reformed?

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Mere Sai 3rd October 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni tells Sai’s disciples that everyone participate in festivals except him; they all still doubt him even after him repeating that he has changed, it is because of mistakes in the past. He continues apologizing them and requests to accept his monetary help. Patil thanks him for his help, but they will manage somehow. Kulkarni he is not the same sarkar, he is not a mukhiya now and came here walking instead of using his palanquin, their Sai teaches them to forgive a changed person and they should follow it. He walks away disappointed. Mhalsapati says Kulkarni has really changed and Sai can melt even a stone. Bhima says he is right, Kulkarni stays outside Shirdi after epidemic attack and doesn’t get out of house whenever he is in Shirdi, he speaks to him calmly whenever he meets. Sai

says no one can judge what is in a person’s mind.

Namu tries to mould mud pots with his injured in severe pain. His wife Bhingri asks him to not strain him so much and rest. Namu says he does pottery as his duty and not business, he has promised people to complete their pots on time, he trusts Sai and knows he will be fine soon. His wife says his wound didn’t heal till now with Sai’s oodhi, so he should consult a vaidya. Namu says he trusts Sai and will be fine soon.

Baiza maa sees Chihu tai sad and asks reason. Chihu says dada apologized everyone, but didn’t even look at her once. Baiza maa consoles her. Sai gives moral gyaan how a person’s mind works and how an evil person cannot change sometimes, giving example of Ravan. He says Ravan is not a human but a lesson for them.

Kulkarni walks on street and seeing a gilli falling in front of him asks who hit it. Boy’s mother apologizes Sai and pleads him not to punish her son. Kulkarni says he just wanted to see who hit it so well and will not punish him. Panta and Santa are amazed to see his changed nature. Kulkarni returns home. He gets British government letter that his request of regaining his mukhiya designation is rejected even this time. Santa says what will he do with the designation when he has changed. He angrily throws something on him and slapping him says even after working for him for years, he did not understand him well, he is just acting to get back his designation.

Namu falls asleep at night while moulding pots. A man with injured hand walks to him and asks water. Namu offers him water. Man thanks him and asks if he can help him in his work. Namu says even he is injured. Man says Namu’s left hand is injured and his right hand, so they both can support each other and mould pots. Namu agrees and they both mould pots. Namu imagines Sai in man.

Precap: Namu thanks the man for his help. Man asks to take care of himself holding his hand and walks away. Namu sees his wound healed.

Update Credit to: MA

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