Mere Sai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Tatya Clears Baizaa and Parvati’s Differences

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Mere Sai 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tatya in an effort to clear differences between his father Appa Patil and Mhalsapati tries to convince Baizaa maa and Parvati, but they both walk away saying their husband’s dignity is utmost important to them. Tatya angrily throws prasad and hits his hand on wall. Sai emerges on sky. Tatya angrily complains that Sai told if one seeks forgiveness by heart, they will get it for sure, but even his own family does not want to listen to him. Sai says Tatya cannot see sun behind me, similarly some hidden facts cannot be seen by naked eyes. Tatya says he just wants to clear differences between baba and Mhalsapati kaka, else farmers will be in big trouble. Sai reminds him that he is getting angry again and suggests to remember third way to control anger to take a walk if first 2 ways fail.

Tatya walks to Dwarkamayi and sees Sai busy in chores there. He sits under a tree and seeing a weak rat thinks it will die anytime. Sai watering tulsi plant thinks rat’s time has come, but let us see how will its end comes. Two snakes crawl towards rat to eat it and start fighting. A hawk flies away carrying rat. Tatya tells Sai that third person benefited between 2 person’s fight. Sai asks Tatya what he learnt via it and suggests to research deep till the root of the cause to find solution. Tatya realizes that gossips regarding his father and Mhalsapati are heard by someone and not directly, so he should find out the person who spread gossips. He takes Jhipri and Bhima’s help and when they question everyone, they find out that Shukla’s sons were the source. When they question Shukla’s sons, they inform that they heard it from Anta and Panta and thought they were talking truth. Tatya calls Baizaa and Parvathi and tries to explain them, but they don’t want to listen to him. Sai with Bheema reaches there. Tatya requests Sai to explain them. Sai says only he should. Tatya gives his promise to them and stopping them explains whole story how Anta and Panta spread gossips regarding Mhalsapati and Appa. Both women feel guilty for listening to gossips and reconcile. Sai says good they clear dirt from their heart and reconciled. They both praise Tatya’s changed nature and decide to clear Mhalsapati and Appa’s differences.

Shukla convinces a few farmers to sign documents regarding cotton farming and asks other farmers to sign documents, else their neighbor farmers will be rich and they will be poor. Apppa tells his friend that if Shukla succeeds, Shirdi will be in big trouble. Mhalsapati assures Shukla t h at he will convince other farmers to sign documents. Tatya walks to them with Baizaa and Parvathi. Appa scolds Tatya and Bizaa, Mhalsapati scolds Parvati for supporting their enemies. Tatya says they are mistaken and he will explain them truth. They both walk away shouting they don’t want to listen. Sai walks in next. Baizaa tells Sai that only he can clear their differences. Tatya says Sai has given responsibility to him and asks Sai what he should do next. Sai asks him to concentrate on his business as his friend Keshav bestowed responsibility of business son him. Tatya thinks why Sai is telling this.

A man gets ready for work and asks his wife to give him food. Wife walks in to give him food. Son Anand thinks baba is getting late, so he will load grocery bags into cart. He tries to pick heavy bag, but fails and grains fall down the bag. Father comes out and asks wife who did it. She says she does not know and seeing Anand hiding behind points at him. Father twists Anand’s ears and asks if he did it. Anand lies he did not. Sai reaches and asks Ananand if he did, he willl get reward for telling truth. Ananand accepts and says he was trying to help baba. Father shows anger. Sai gifts mango to boy and says this is reward for telling truth. He explains value of truth to father and continues his moral gyaan.

Precap: Jhipri and Bheema inform Mhalsapati and Appa tghat Sai called them to Dwarkamayi. They reach Darkamayi.

Update Credit to: MA

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