Mere Sai 31st January 2019 Written Episode Update: New Entry In Shirdi

Mere Sai 31st January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav asks his students what is their dream. Each one say what they want to become in life. Sai enters and akss Madhav what is his dream. Pari says he became their teacher, that is his dream. Madhav says he wanted to become teacher and teach children. Sai says after one dream is fulfilled, one thinks of another dream, so a person should always try to learn new things always. Madhav thinks what is Sai trying to explain. Sai smiles at him and leaves.

Jhipri meets Sai at Dwarkamayi. Sai says with whatever happened with her, she became more strong. Jhipri asks why she has to go through all this. Sai says she is different and can bear a lot, god puts only pressure which they can bear. Jhipri asks what did she gain from it. Sai says she got new family members in Shanta and Prahlad and Parashuram/Dhondi’s life became much better, with only her trouble, many people’s lives’ changes. Jhipri says then she will not repent for what happened, she is very happy to change people’s life. Sai smiles. She laves.

A man with great difficulty walks to Madhav’s school. Madhav helps him sit and gives him water to drink. Bhama sees him holding bag and asks to keep it down and drink water. Man says he does not have any problem with this bag. Madhav says he is seeing him here for the first time, if he came here for some reason. Man says he wants to meet Sai, his bullock cart’s wheels broke and he came walking. Madhav takes him towards Dwarkamayi.

Tatya tells family that he wants to do business. Aaji says farming is their family business, why he wants to try any other thing. Tatya says if they have another source of income along with farming, they would not have to borrow money from Kulkarni. Baizaa maa says he should not think that they are not supporting him, they are just cautious regarding his future. Keshav comes calling Tatya. Baizaa maa asks him to come in and have food. Keshav says he just came to meet Tatya. Baizaa says they were good as children, at least they used to enjoy food without inhibition and asks to come in. Keshav gets happy that he will have home food after a long time. Baizaa maa serves him food and he finishes hurriedly and eats a lot. Family looks amused. Tatya asks why he is eating so hurriedly. After washing Keshav’s hands, Tatya asks if has any concern. Keshav says his father also helped Parashuram trouble Jipri, so he confronted his father and tried to help Jhipri, his father caught him and challenged not to have food bought from his illegal money, so he came out of his father’s house with some money gifted by his uncle, now even that money is being spent, so he wants to do some business. Tatya says even he wants to do business. Keshav says let us do it together. Tatya asks what kind of business. Keshav says let us think.

Madhav takes man to Sai. Man says his name is Krishnakanth and he is a wealthy businessman, but he did not sleep since days, so if Sai can help him sleep. Sai picks his begging bag and asks to follow him.

Kulkarni with Anta takes British government officer to Madhav’s school. Anta introduces this is Shirdi’s lonely school and Madhav is lonely teacher. Officer says British government is very keen about children’s education, so they have made certain rules and regulations which every school has to follow, so he came here to check if this school is following them or not. Kulkarni reminisces Madhav confronting him and thinks now Madhav will be punished.

Precap: Sai tells Krishnakanth it is late night and he should go and sleep.
Krishnakanth asks how can he and sees Sai sound asleep.

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  1. Mere s̤̈ä̤ï̤ superb serial and the character artists lived in their roles.
    The serial is picturised feel like as we are in shirdi with those characters, while seeing the serial.

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