Mere Sai 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Explains Value Of Freedom To Pari; Abdul Agrees To Shift To Shirdi

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Mere Sai 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai sits under meditation. Abdul’s uncle is sound asleep and sees a dream where he goes to Sai and asks who is he and how did he come to this place. Sai says he called him to inform him something, he is Sai and uncle is worried regarding Abdul, fake gave him Abdul’s responsibility and he is following it welling, it is time for Abdul to get his family and for that he has to go to Shirdi. He gives 2 mangoes to uncle. Uncle wakes up from sleep and sees same mangoes in his hands, repeats Sai, Shirdi, if Abdul will get his answer in Shirdi.

Next morning, Sai waters plant. Pari brings plant and says teacher told importance of plant, so she planted this plant, it grew well for sometime and then became very weak, why? Sai says it is well, but is unable to grow in pot. Pari says she cannot part ways with plant, so she will plant it in bigger pot. Sai says like she cannot be confined in a small cage or room and needs fresh air and nutritious food to grow, even plant needs a proper place and environment to grow. Pari says she did not know about it.

Uncle asks Abdul to travel to Shirdi. Abdul exercising says he will not listen to him, though he said and lot in emotion last night, uncle took care of him so well, he will not go away from him. Uncle explains him and gives reasoning. Abdul agrees.

Keshav reaches arrack shop and asks for liquor. Owner asks to give yesterday’s money. Keshav checks his pocket and says he does not have money. At home, Kulknari asks Rukmini where is Keshav. She says he went out without her knowledge. He scolds what she does sitting in house, if she wants Keshav to roam around house holding her pallu and become incompetent like villagers, he is getting Keshav educated well to become barrister and will not let him spoil.

Keshav gives his gold ring to arrack shop owner and says he will take it after getting money and is not selling it. Owner things every alcoholic says same but never takes back items, asks servant to give Keshav liquor.

Lakshmi and Ranoji come to Sai. Sai asks them to clean the space in front of his hut and fill loose soil on it. Ranoji asks what will happen here. Sai says wrestling. Ranoji laughs. Lakshmi says if Sai says something, there will be some result at the end, don’t laugh. They clean space. Sai asks them to go to work now and stands smiling.

Precap: Sai challenges Abdul for a wrestling match and throws him on ground in 1 go. Abdul is shocked seeing that.

Update Credit to: MA

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