Mere Sai 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers get greedy and take part in the competition

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Mere Sai 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nand lal tells villagers that Ratnakar has organized a competition for the farmers and says whoever get highest grains grown in the farm will get a big amount. Bheeva says they want to snatch our land and now offering money. Nand lal tells that the prize money is 1000 Rs. Everyone gets happy. Man tells Moolchand that he got greedy and have broken his trust. He says I will do as you says. Sai tells Moolchand to understand that the man is repenting and want to do penance. He says everyone of us do mistake and learn from our mistakes. He says I can see penance in him and asks Moolchand to forgive him. Moolchand says as you are saying then I will hire you, but ask him to inform me if he wants to leave my work. Sai tells man that he shall figure out why anyone wants to give him much pay than his deserves. He says greedy is sparkling which makes a person blind.

Nand Lal asks them to get their names written. All villagers get their name written. Appa stands shocked. Anta and Banta go. Appa looks at Sai. Kulkarni asks Ratnakar what is the need to give 1000 Rs and says you will not get the money even if sell the field. Ratnakar says he will spend 1000, but will earn lakhs. He tells him that Shirdi people might be happy and talking about it. He says then they will try to win and imagine what they will do with the money. Bheeva, Sultan, Hari and others get their name written. Appa asks Sai to see what is happening. Sai looks on. Ratnakar says everyone’s dreams will break, they will get greedy and will forget about friendship, relation, and gets jealousy, hatred, anger etc. Sai goes from there. Ratnakar says some people might get fed up of the land and then I will sell it for less prize. He says Sai will have a biggest defeat. He says he will spend just 1000 Rs to end Sai’s existence. Kulkarni laughs and says why didn’t you think of this plan. Ratnakar says this is british’s plan and says when there will no bhakt then who will pray to God.

Appa tells Aayi about Ratnakar giving greed to farmers and says I was shocked. He says I didn’t get my name register. Bayaza says you did right and says Ratnakar tried to make Sai leave from his place. Aayi says she don’t believe on Kulkarni and Ratnakar.

Hari tells Sultan that if he has more bulls then he can do more farming. Sultan says whoever win, we will get Aslam married grandly. They hug. Villager thinks what to grow in their farm.

Jhipri, Sandhya and Champa are sitting in Dwarka Maai. Jhipri tells Sai about their friends fight over the feather. Sai says you have to do something.

Sultan’s wife hears Rehana giving work to Sulbha and thinks why did her husband lie to us that their work is not working well. She goes from there. Rehana tells that the business is not getting well, but she will try to give work to her. Bayaza says I will talk to few more people. Jhipri comes to Ali and asks if he saw Bheema. Ali refuses. Sandhya comes there and tells that Bheema went to jungle. Ali gets worried and runs to jungle. Champa comes to Bheema and tells that Ali went to jungle. Bheema gets worried and runs to jungle. Both of them hear tiger roaring and get worried for each other. They call each other. They finally meet and hug each other. They confront asking why did they come to jungle. They tell that they have come to save the other. Sai and other kids come there. Ali and Bheeva ask Sai why did he made others lie? Sai says it is not lie and tells that you were lost without each other. He says it would have been good if one of you take that feather or both of you should have sacrifice it. He says greed can’t be good for anyone. We shall be together always.

Sai sees villagers fighting. Bheeva tells Sultan and Saleem fighting and asks him to come.

Update Credit to: MA

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