Mere Sai 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Feels Defeat

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Mere Sai 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Parashuram repents for his troubling Jhipri and family and requests to take back money he took from Appa. He apologizes Jhipri to forgive him, though he does not deserve to be forgiven; his hand scars will remind him of his cruelty, he has not blessed anyone in life, but now he blesses Jhipri to be same forever. He keeps his hand Jhipri’s head to bless her and is surprised to see his scars disappeared. He happily says it is magic, he is cured. Sai says there is no magic here, it is change of his heart that cured his hand, though holy ash cured his pain. He advises Dhondi to always oppose injustice around him. He says yes and leaves Dwarkamayi with his father Parashuram.

Shanta thanks Sai and says she will leave Shirdi now. Jhipri stops her and says today is auspicious day and she cannot let her go from Dhwarkamayi sadly. Shanta asks if she and Sumitra forgave h er. Sumitra says yes long ago, though she hated her before, seeing her struggling for them, they forgave her. Shanta happily hugs them. Sai tells Prahlad that his mother’s nature has changed and she will be a good grandmother soon, everyone will tell she is most helpfull. Shanta gets more happy and hugs Sumitra and Jhipri again.

Kulkarni meets Parashuram on the way and says he prepared special herbal paste for his wound. Parasahuram says he does not need it. Kulkarni says he may not need it, but his hand needs it to heal wound. Parasahuram says his wound is healed. Kulkarni boasts that his Himalayan herb worked. Parasahuram says Sai cured his hand. Kulkarni gets angry and says even he came in Sai’s trick like illiterate villagers. They see Sai begging in houses and says this beggar does black magic. Parasahuram says Sai does not do any black magic, he is god-send saint and his blessings healed him. Kulkarni says he is talking like Jhipri and others. Parasahuram says he is thankful to Jhipri who took him to Sai, he is repenting that he did not go to Sai before and correct his mistake. Kulkarni yells to go away from here and stop talking like fool Shirdi villagers. Parasahuram says they are all blessed by Sai and even Kulkarni should submit himself to Sai before it is too late and walks away. Sai passes by smiling at them.

Anta asks Kulkarni why did he spare Parasahuram hearing his taunts. Kulkarni says Parasahuram is very powerful and wealthy, he would have punished Parasahuram brutally. Panta says it is all because of Madhav who planned all this. Kulkarni imagines Madhav with Sai taunting him that he lost badly. He shouts shutup and thinks he will punish Madhav.

Precap: A man reaches Madhav and asks to take him to Sai. Madhav takes him to Sai where he tells Sai that he did not sleep since days and if Sai can help him.

Update Credit to: MA

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