Mere Sai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Champa Realize Her Hidden Singing Talent

Mere Sai 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpat Rao asks Gopi to mimic rani Damayanti. Gopi sings in hoarse voice. Ganpat Rao scolds him and shoos him away, tells Ballal Pant they have to find out new Damayanti soon. Pari plays outside with Udhav and Malhar. Malhar sees butterfly pupa on plant and asks Pari and Udhav what is this. They say they don’t know. Malhar says it is butterfly pupa and butterfly will come out of its protective barrier and fly. They try to break barrier when Sai stops them and explains metamorphosis of butterfly, how it strengthens its wings under barrier and once it gets strong comes out of it in its own time. They watch butterfly coming out of barrier and flies. Sai says life is trying to teach them lesson with difficulties and make him them learn to fly.

Jhipri walks to Champa and asks her to accompany

her. Champa’s mother says she will not go anywhere as Jhipri goes out to sell cow dung cake to earn money for her mother, but Champa does not need to earn money and should stay at home. Father enters and scolds mother and send Champa with Jhipri. Mother fumes. They reach Dwarkamayi. Sai sees Champa sad and asks reason. Champa says her mother scolds her every now and then without reason. Jhipri asks Sai to explain Champa that mothers are protective and worried for children. Champa says her mother is worried that she will defame her parents after marriage and throw many restrictions only girls while boys enjoy life roaming free, will women’s situation will not change. Sai says situation will change as change is constant, Champa and Jhipri will change society and it depends on what they will teach their future generation, now women are self-dependent and has society to a great extent, Bayza maa is an example who tried hard to change women’s situation in Shirdi, women have to try themselves and when they decide, they will succeed for sure, though it may take some time.

Ganpat Rao auditions many artists, but does not like anyone. He scolds Pant that he cannot find a single man to act as Damayanti. Pant says it is not easy to make man sing like a woman, they had to audition 1000s of artists and found Narpati.

Sai asks Jhipri and Champa what they want to do to change society. Champa says she wants to study English and change society’s thinking. Sai praises her and asks Champa what she will do. Champa says she does not know anything. Sai says there is something which gives her happiness. Champa say she loves singing and feels good singing when she is sad or happy, but how will she bring change in society with singing. Sai says singing has immense power someone may get benefited with her singing and asks her to sing. Champa sings Sai’s praises. Ganpat Rao with Pant passes by and gets mesmerized with her voice and asks to find who this girl is.

Precap: Sai gives jowar to a boy and asks to grind it for him. Gopi asks boy to fix drama tent. Boy thinks he will fix tent first and then grind jowar for Sai. Sai senses that.

Update Credit to: MA

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