Mere Sai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Wicked Lady’s Entry In Shirdi

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Mere Sai 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raghu apologizes Sai for misunderstanding him. Sai says along with accepting mistake, one should correct their mistake. Raghu says everyone knows about his crime, he was earning money by misusing people’s need; he realized it when he was in severe need last night, Sai saved him. A man says even he was Kulkarni’s servant and knows how he misuses people’s needs. Raghu takes oath to not misuse one’s need again.

A cruel looking woman walks on road leading Shirdi. Bullock cart passes by and she takes lift from him. Sai takes Raghu and his wife to Dwarkamayi and asks Megha how is she feeling now. She says she is absolutely alright now. Raghu asks what had happened to his wife. Sai reminds him that he always lied about his wife’s health to earn some money and even his wife supported him, there is a moment in a day when god accepts human’s prayers, Raghu’s lies got his wife into trouble. He says they are doing mistake by not sending their son to school and do they realize what their son must be feeling seeing their lies, children’s mind is like raw mud wall, what is imprinted stays for whole life. Raghu apologizes Megha and Ananth and requests Sai to bless him to take a right path in life. Sai blesses him.

Bullock cart driver asks lady where she has to go. She says 2 furlong and travels 8 miles. Driver gets angry where she has to go, she is just misleading him. She thinks she has to act till she reaches Shirdi and says she forgot village’s name. Driver insists to give him 2 Rs rent first and then he will take her further. She acts, but when he does not fall for her tricks thinks she has to think something else.

Sai sees Pari and her friends sitting sadly and asks reason. Pari says they are tired of playing same old games. Sai says he will make ball for them and they can play lagori. He happily agree. On the other side, old lady tries to fool driver, but he insists to give his 2 Rs first, else get down from his cart. She starts emotional drama. Keshav passes by on his cart and seeing driver scolding lady and lady’s emotional drama scolds driver not to misbehave with old lady. Jhipri sees Govinda searching flat stones and asks what is he searching. He says flat stones to play lagori. Jhipri says she used to play lagori with her friends and nobody can play better than her. Govinda asks she can defeat even Keshav bhaiya. She says yes. Govinda takes her along and tells Sai that Jhipri didi told nobody plays lagori better than her. Sai asks Jhipri to show her talent. Jhipri plays lagori with kids.

Driver tells Keshav that lady is fooling her since 8 miles and did not pay a penny. Keshav says he cannot misbehave with old lady, if he would with even his mother. Driver asks not to compare this lier lady with his mother, if he is so worried about, he should pay 2 Rs and talke lady with him. Lady asks Keshav to pay 2 Rs as she forgot her wallet at home. Keshav pays 2 Rs and asks her to get into his cart. Lady taunts driver and leaves with Keshav. Driver thinks lady’s tone changed so soon, she is very cunning and will fool even that young boy. Keshav asks lady where is she going. Lady says Shirdi. Keshav says even he is going to Shirdi. Driver thinks she is more wicked than chameleon, god should save people wherever she goes.

Precap: Trickster lady enters Shirdi, and Sai smiles noticing her entering Shirdi.

Update Credit to: MA

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