Mere Sai 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ratnakar Decides To Make Villagers Fight Over Their Greed

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Mere Sai 29th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Nand Lal asks Ratnakar to calm down and says we will think what to do. Ratnakar breaks the watch which Kulkarni returned to him and gets his hand injured. Nand Lal says you are hurt. Ratnakar looks at the kids and says even they have same unity. She tells that I can’t believe that half of the village went in Sai’s search to bring him back. He says Sai’s strengths are his bhakts. Just then they see two boys fighting over a peacock feather. Sultan bhai returns and tells Osman and tells villagers that Aslam’s alliance is fixed. They congratulate each other. They give sweets to Sai. Sultan says we couldn’t wait for you. Sai blesses Aslam and asks him to learn teachings from his parents and Hari bhau. He asks them to see their unity and good behavior as it brings happiness. Sai tells that when two person respect each other and understand them then nobody can break their unity. Ali and Bheema fight over the peacock feather and it breaks. They break friendship with each other. Jhipri asks why you are fighting unnecessarily. They go separate ways.

Ratnakar laughs and says my pita ji used to say that first understand the kids of the people. He tells that if you give precious thing to kids then he gets happy and shows authority on that thing and get greedy and fight and becomes enemies. He tells that their relations are not strong and can be broken. He says Sai can teach them shraddha and saburi, but today I understood that they will be separated if I offer them something big. Jhipri picks the broken feather and says it was good and their greed have made it broken. Ratnakar hears her and smiles.

Sai comes to someone house and asks for charity. Moolchand gives charity to him and thanks him for returning back to Shirdi. His employees comes and asks him to hire again, but Moolchand refuses to give him work and says I don’t want to see your face. Employee requests him. Moolchand pushes him. Sai holds him.

Osman tells Aslam, you can stay peacefully till your marriage only. Sultan tells Aslam that he is right. His mum tells that after marriage, one gets a lifepartner and her support is very important. Osman tells Sultan that they shall make the marriage, a grand affair. Sultan says I want to ask you about monetary help, as my financial condition is bad. Osman gets up and gives some money to Sultan, and says he don’t have much money now, but they have 2 months time. He says don’t think you are alone, Aslam is my nephew. He says you will also help me in future. Sultan thanks Osman and hugs him.

Sai calls MoolChand that you are a very good guy and gives me charity everytime I came here. He asks why do you have some much anger for this man. Moolchand says he is troubling me since 2 months. Sai says he is in need of work and if you give him work then it will be beneficial to you, and God will bless you for giving him work. Moolchand tells that this man used to work with me before, when I got a big order, he left my work and joined my competitor, because of which I lost that big order. He says why shall I keep him back.

Ratnakar comes to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says I don’t want to hear you or be a part of any planning. Ratnakar asks him not to say no, before hearing him. He says I don’t want you to do anything, as I will also do everything. If I get unsuccessful then will never show my face to you. He says whatever I am doing is for your betterment. Kulkarni refuses to listen to him. Ratnakar asks for a chance and says if you give me chance then you will become king of one village. Kulkarni says you came from three to one, and says you have given me false assurance many times, but I will not come in your trap. Ratnakar says this is not false assurance, I talked to Governor Saheb and waiting to get paper.

Kulkarni asks what do you want? Ratnakar says I want your permission for the competition. Kulkarni permits him. Ratnakar thanks him.

Sai asks then man why did you betray MoolChand. Man tells that his competitor used to come to him often and offer job, but I refused as I used to work with Moolchand since my childhood. He says competitor gave me greed that he will give me three times more salary than Moolchand gives, that’s why I left him and joined his competitor.

Nand Lal beats the drum and calls Villagers. Banta asks Anta to hear first. Nand Lal tells that Ratnakar came to Shirdi for farmers’ help and announces a competition with Kulkarni’s help. He says whoever grows more grains in their field will get the prize.

Man tells Sai that he had realized that he has no respect and he didn’t get any credit for work. He says his employer made him do much work and says he fired once when Moolchand lost the order. He says he had kept me so that Moolchand loses the order. MoolChand says it is good. Man says I will not repeat this mistake again and says I am unemployed since 2 months. He asks Sai to tell Moolchand that he is repenting for his greed. Sai look at the man.

Ratnakar tells that once they get greed in their heart then they will fight with each other and will not listen to Sai. Kulkarni smiles.

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