Mere Sai 29th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Makes Aslam Understand

Mere Sai 29th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone think about the gift which they shall give to Maharani. Sultan suggests grains. Others suggests religious book…Bayaza suggests Paithani and says it is our customized dress. Rehana asks them to bring the raw materials and says she will make. Sulbha says she will help her. Sultan and others assure their support. Madhav says we will buy the materials. Sai tells the people that if they turn their face then the man will be more unwell. He says you think I do miracle and says the secret of miracle is love and says until they give them love, someone can’t recovers. Kulkarni returns with Chivu, Anta and Banta. The Villagers see him and tell that he ran away when they were in trouble. Chivu tells Kulkarni that they are insulting you. Kulkarni thinks he did a mistake by coming in Ratnakar’s words and

thinks to make the villagers respect him and get scared of him again. He thinks to find out what happened in Shirdi in his absence.

Everyone leave from Sai’s place. Aslam comes to Sai and tells that he couldn’t be a good husband and tells that Nusrath is crying a lot. Nusrath tells that she is missing her parents. Aslam says I tried to pacify her and make her understand, but when I couldn’t then I came to you. Sai asks him if he saw how he take out the plant and moved to other place. He gives example of plants and says when a girl gets married and goes to her sasural, then she needs love and support. He asks them to sit and tells that the bride is experiencing new things when she comes to her sasural. She shall get chance to understand her family, but inlaws give her responsibility.

Keshav comes to his friends. They call him coward for running out of Shirdi. Keshav tells that he did wrong. Kulkarni is at his house and asks Anta and Banta to call villagers at the chawni. Sai tells that the responsibility can’t be forced. He tells that inlaws have to think that the bride is their son’s wife and not their servant. He asks Aslam to care for Nusrath’s parents also and don’t expect her to forget her parents. He asks them to maintain balance between two families. He asks Aslam to take Nusrath to her Mayka. Aslam assures to take her to her mayka. Nusrath is relieved.

A man comes to Sai with his wife and tells that the villagers is teasing him and asks if he is doing a crime to stay in his inlaws house to take care of his father in law. Sai looks on.

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