Mere Sai 28th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Atharva and his parents apologize to Sugandha’s family

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Atharva returns home and finds his parents speaking to someone. His father introduces him to the couple. Atharva’s mother tells Atharva that they brought an alliance for him. It is no harm seeing the girl. What if Govardhan ji refuses to give money tomorrow? Meet them and do not speak about Sugandha. Atharva meets the girl’s parents. Atharva looks at the gifts and acts modest. The girl’s father says whatever we have belongs to our daughter and her family. Atharva smirks. The girl’s mother praises Atharva. They select Atharva for their daughter. They hand over a box of sweets to Atharva. He imagines Atharva in it and the box disappears suddenly (in his imagination). He drops the box in fear. His father asks him what happened. Atharva says sweets disappeared. They look at the sweets on the floor. Atharva’s father says it is right here. You dropped them on the floor. The girl’s mother asks Atharva’s parents what’s happening. Atharva’s mother covers up. He went for work and is tired. They don’t look so convinced but buy it. The girl’s mother gifts Atharva a kurta. Atharva imagines Govardhan and drops it too startling everyone. He is not able to see this box too. How is everything disappearing? What has happened to me? He turns and sees Sugandha’s mother in something. He drops down. The girl’s parents find Atharva foolish. Atharva’s father defends Atharva but they are thankful to have found out the truth on time. They leave. Atharva’s mother calls out after them but in vain.

Atharva’s mother asks him what has happened to him. Nothing disappeared. Why do you insist that it is disappearing? Atharva says I am telling you that everything that I will touch will disappear. He touches a chair and imagines Sugandha’s mother telling him that they paid for it. He touches the wall and Govardhan tells him that he has no right on this too. He is not able to see the wall. Did you see what happened? He runs out of the house in shock. His father tells him that everything is intact but Atharva insists that everything is disappearing. He touches a wall and it disappears. He breaks down. I cannot understand anything. His mother wonders what’s happening to Atharva. Atharva’s father asks him if he ate or drank something. Atharva denies. Whatever I am touching is disappearing. I can see Sugandha and her family. They are taunting me that I haven’t earned anything till date! What’s happening? Sai asks him if he still hasn’t understood the truth. Atharva notices Sai there and walks up to Him. How did you come here? His parents follow him. Sai says I came to tell you why you are going through this. Sins ruin the sinner one day! You should have understood it the moment your coins started disappearing while giving them to the Fakir. Atharva asks Him how He knows this. Sai turns into the Fakir avatar. Atharva is stunned. It was you!

Sai says Ram ji gave you many chances to change but you dint catch the hint. You kept on committing sins. Atharva’s father asks Sai what his son did wrong. Sai says you all have sinned by abusing Sugandha and his family. Did you marry your son or did you sell him off for money? You are writhing in pain seeing him in this condition today and Atharva is shaken too. Think about Sugandha too. What must have she felt when she was locked up? What must have her parents felt? God is making you pay for your sins with interest. Sugandha came to this house and accepted you all wholeheartedly but you guys never did. She was the ideal DIL but you couldn’t be the ideal SIL and your parents couldn’t be the ideal in-laws. You have incurred curse of parents by doing all that. This is your punishment for spoiling a girl’s life. There is still time. Understand your mistake and apologize to Sugandha and her family. Hope you two wont lose your son because of your greed and Atharva might end up losing his sanity.

It turns dark around them. Atharva and his parents find themselves locked in the same storeroom where they had locked Sugandha. They hear Sugandha’s cries for help and are in shock. They are sweating profusely and look afraid. They scream for water. They hear Sugandha’s family members mocking them and cover their ears. Someone needs to stop this! Sai asks them to open their eyes. They comply. Sai asks them how it felt. Atharva’s father says it was hell. Sai says you wanted to lock Sugandha there for her entire life. What if that becomes your fate? Atharva’s father shakes his head in disbelief. I will die. Sai asks Geeta how she felt after hearing her maniac laughter. Geeta says it felt as if it was some devil. Sai asks Atharva if he has to say something. Atharva apologizes to Sai. I have realized my mistake. Please forgive us. Atharva’s father admits that they have done the worst thing. We will go there and apologize but will they forgive us? Geeta says it was such a bad thing that they might never forgive us. Sai says one should apologize only for the sake of admitting that they have realised their mistake. Don’t just seek forgiveness, mean it. Allah Maalik! They agree to go asap. Sai disappears.

Sai smiles in Dwarkamai.

Atharva and his parents are at Sugandha’s house. They apologize to everyone with folded hands. Atharva says punish me for our misdeeds. I don’t really deserve forgiveness. His father asks for a chance to rectify their mistakes. Geeta adds that they were blinded by greed. We overlooked Sugandha’s virtues. We will consider ourselves lucky if you will allow Sugandha to come with us. We will treat her like our daughter now. Atharva agrees to work hard. I will pay you every cent. Please give me one last chance. Ganesh asks them how they should believe them. Atharva came to threaten us few days ago only. How can someone have a change of heart so soon? Atharva says everything is possible with Sai’s help. He has made us realise our mistake. We will be indebted to Him for this forever. Sugandha’s mother smiles. I knew that Sai will help us. Let’s go and meet Sai.

Everyone is in Dwarkamai. Sai says I told you that Ram ji will fix everything. He tells Atharva that he will be able to face God now. Atharva says I will always be indebted to you for showing me the right way. Sai tells Ganesh not to worry. Atharva and his family have realised their mistake. Sugandha will be very happy there. Ganesh says I am Sugandha’s brother but you protected her in reality. Atharva tells Govardhan not to worry about his loss. I am also your son like Ganesh. Your sons will help you together now. Geeta kisses Sugandha on her forehead. Please forgive your MIL’s mistakes. You will meet your second Aayi when you will come home this time. Everyone smiles. Sugandha takes her blessings. She thanks Sai for taking care of her problems. Sai blesses them.

Marriage is unison of 2 souls. It brings 2 families together. There is no space for anything where there is love. Dowry is eating the society from inside. Few greedy people have turned marriages into deals. It isn’t written anywhere that a bride must bring dowry. She is the Lakshmi of the house. She is the biggest wealth. Bothering DIL for money is like troubling Lakshmi Ma. It is a sin in God’s eyes. Whoever does that will be doomed! Take care of DIL’s. This is Ram ji’s wish!

Precap: Few people are sleeping in Dwarkamai. A guy comes to Dwarkamai with an axe and advances towards Sai.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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