Mere Sai 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sulochana and Kakaji Search Sai Baba

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Mere Sai 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

A girl informs Kakaji pandit about Sai baba. Kakaji thinks he didn’t hear about baba at all, asks girl what she knows about baba and sees girl missing with her footsteps on ground. She follows footsteps, reaches Aayi Saptashringi’s temple, and rejoices knowing Aayi Saptashringi herself came to meet him. In Dwarka, Udhav sees Sai tensed and asks reason. Naroba/Narayan coughs and says he is a bit ill. Udhav asks Sai to give Naroba some oodhi. Sai says there is still time for that and asks Naroba to visit Dwarka daily as his honey is much needed. Naroba agrees and walks away thinking why didn’t Sai treat him. Sai prays Maa Adishakti to bestow her blessings on her children and show them a way.

Shubhda asks women if they know where Shirdi is. Women laugh asking if she wants to send her abshaguni/inauspicious daughter there. Sulochana asks a man same who also yells at her. Kakaji returns home thinking he asked whole village, but nobody knows where Shirdi is. His money lender walks to him and warns that he has only 1 week, else he will possess his house.

Bappa takes Aayi Saptashringi’s silver veil to Sai and requests to accept it as for them he is Aayi Saptashringi and even Shiv. Sai says Aayi Saptashringi has called him, so he should go to Saptashringi and submit veil to Aayi Saptashringi herself. Shyama asks Sai that he tells god is present everywhere. Sai says joining all the events point them to Aayi Saptashringi, so they should go to Aayi Saptashringi. Shyama says they will go to Veni gaon then.

Kakaji Pandit tells family that if they don’t meet Sai within a week, Ramanlal money lender will snatch their home, Aayi Saptashringi is examining them. Sulochana consoles him that Aayi Saptashringi gave her darshan to him twice and will solve their problem for sure. She goes to temple and prays Aayi Saptashringi to show where Shirdi is. Shyama and Bappa walk in and ask her where is this temple’s panditji as they need to perform pooja. She says her father is this temple’s purohit and she will bring him. Bappa says with Sai’s blessings, their work is getting easier.

Sai is busy preparing medicine with Tatya and Udhav when Narayan walks in with honey coughing. Tatya asks Narayan if he is fine. Govinda says Narayan is ill, so he will get honey daily from Narayan’s house. Sai asks if he wants to garner Narayan’s punya, problems will emerge now and then and they need to face it bravely. Narayan gives honey and hopes Sai will give him oodhi today. Sai leaves for begging telling Narayan that he cannot treat him and one who will treat him will come soon. Narayan thinks who is it.

After submitting veil to Aayi Saptashringi, Bappa tells Kakaji pandit that they need to offer blankets to poor and want Sulochana to accompany them. Sulochana says if she accompanies them, villagers will badmouth them as they consider her as abshaguni. They ask her to tell her story in detail. She describes her story. They say Sai baba taught them that no one is inauspicious and all are equal. They both are amazed to h ear Sai baba’s name.

Precap: Kakaji with Sulochana enters Dwarkamayi and says he is feeling peaceful here. Sai greets Sulochana and asks how is she. Sulochana is surprised to see same old man who stopped her from committing suicide.

Update Credit to: MA

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