Mere Sai 27th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Cures Kaka Ramji

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Mere Sai 27th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav finds a hollow space behind a wall in Bppa’s house. Bappa dismantles wall and sees a cupboard in it, finds coal stove/sigri and a box in cupboard. They both rejoice seeing sigri, Shyama finds letters in box written by Bappa’s parents to each other and reminds that Bappa’s father taught writing to his mother and they encouraged Shyama to become a teacher; he reads letter and emotionally sheds tears. Bappa asks what is written in it. Shyama says Bappa fell ill in childhood, so his mother had taken a vow to gift silver veil to their kuldevi and feed poor. Bappa says aayi informed him before passing away and used to be sad as she couldn’t travel to their kuldevi, now he will fulfill her vow, and asks who is their kuldevi. Shyama says Aayi Saptashringi.

Tatya meets Sai and says he is returning from Pune and met his distant relative uncle/Kaka Ramji, he must be knowing Kaka as Kaka is Sai’s ardent disciple, he had informed kaka long ago about Sai, got him Sai’s sketch via Pari and gave him Dwarkamayi’s soil. Kaka Ramji continues praying Sai and writhes in severe pain due to a big neck wound. Tatya says Kakaji is having big wound in his neck because of which he is unable to get out of house, he prays Sai to take his life and give him permanent relief; so he wants to take oodhi for kaka. Sai says there is no need for that.

Kaka prays Sai that he cannot live with wound any more and wants to submit his life to Sai or he will come to Shirdi. A barber asks him to get shave and massage before traveling. Kaka says he is having severe pain. Barber says he will feel relaxed with his shave and massage. Kaka says he doesn’t want to. Barber says with his money, his family will get some food. Kaka agrees. Barber shaves him and massages, turns into Sai, touches kaka’s wound and heals it. Kaka feels relaxed after many days and moves neck freely, touches wound and finds oodhi on it; he then sees Sai in mirror and asks barber his wage. Barber says Kaka’s relief is his wage. Kaka brings money and doesn’t find man, realizes Sai himself came to relieve his pain. He hears Sai’s voice to come to Shirdi. Kaka thanks Sai and gets ready to travel to Shirdi.

Kakaji pandit returns home where Shubhda informs him what their old lender told. He says one problem is solved and another hovered on them.

Precap: Bappa thanks Sai for reminding him of his mother’s vow and cleanliness. Sai says cleanliness is most important. He offers silver veil to Sai. Sai says he has to go to Saptashringi and submit this veil.

Update Credit to: MA

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