Mere Sai 26th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Govinda meets Tarachand

Mere Sai 26th February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

One of the ladies say Govinda has invested money. Another lady chips in. It is Govinda who told everyone about this scheme. You are anyways very rich. You don’t need such schemes but now we will be rich too. Please let us know when you will order stuff from Bombay or Pune. We will also order from there. Tejasvini thinks they want to be like her. I couldn’t go to London or stay in Bombay. My only consolation was that I was the richest woman here but they seem to be after that now. It cannot be! She leaves from there with her maid.

Madhusudhan tells Govinda he did more than what he expected out of him. Govinda says it was my duty. Almost 8-% people of Shirdi have invested money. Sai says everyone has. They greet Sai. Govinda says you are right. I am sure everyone’s dreams will come true. Sai asks Madhusudhan if it will happen for real. Madhusudhan gets tensed but then nods. I promise you. You should invest some money too. Sai smiles. He sends Govinda to Dwarkamai. Some popele are waiting for me there. Tell them to stay right there. I am coming. Govinda nods and leaves. Madhusudhan again tells Sai to invest money. You might receive something from people some time. You will get more money in return. Sai chants a shloka about how he is enjoying being a Fakir. One can find Sahib in Saburi. I believe in the good in people and God gives me double in return. What have you invested? Is it good or have you been revengeful, angry and greedy? Madhusudhan fumbles. Sai advises him to answer himself. Close your eyes once. You will see that what you have invested. Open your eyes and close them again. You will know what you will get in return of that investment. It isn’t just people who die but dreams die too. Close your eyes once and see for yourself. Sai leaves. Madhusudhan wonders why Sai was referring to pyre. He closes his eyes. He sees flashes of a pyre. He opens his eyes and looks worried. He closes his eyes again like Sai had advised and sees pyre around him when he opens them. He looks disturbed as he realises it was his imagination. So many pyres? What’s happening? He recalls Sai’s words about dreams dying too.

Govinda tells 2 girls about the location he has narrowed down for his steel factory. They praise Govinda on his idea. Don’t forget us when you grow up. You arranged money in such a young age and invested with your Kaka. You will be paid for your hard work and honesty. That’s what Sai says. Govidna recalls stealing his mother’s jewellery. Pari asks him what happened. He says nothing. It is all because of Kaka. I never thought that I will be able to make it happen. He advises her to ask her father to invest money in Kaka’s scheme also. She says we only believe in one bank – Sai. Govinda wonders why Sai or his guests aren’t here yet. Sai says they will come.

Vimla is making kheer for Sai. Tarachand tells her to hurry up. We must tell Sai that we are bringing kheer. Don’t know how He will eat it if He will eat food already. She reasons that Sai knows everything beforehand. Wont He know about this? He smiles. She packs kheer for Sai and goes with her husband.

Madhusudhan reaches home but is still very disturbed by what he had just seen. Padmini and her MIL notice his expression and get curious. Gautam falls as he tries to go to his Baba. Madhusudhan asks him if he is fine. Gautam says I am fine. Madhusudhan still checks him thoroughly. Are you in pain? Padmini assures him that Gautam is fine. His mother asks him if he is alright. Madhusudhan repeats Sai’s words about pyre and death. His mother asks him if someone said anything to him. He thinks of the memory again. Padmini requests him to say something. Madhusudhan begins to say something when Tejasvini comes there. They look at her from top to toe and at the bag in her hand.

Sai says wishes are not wrong but they hurt us when they make us greedy. People often forget the difference between right and wrong when they become greedy. Govinda is listening intently. Why is Sai saying this suddenly? Tarachand and Vimla greet Sai just then. Sai tells Govinda that His guests are here. He asks Vimla to give him kheer. I haven’t eaten food yet. She smiles. The girls help her serve food to everyone. Sai introduces Govinda to Tarachand. He is a little naughty but he knows how to fall and get back up. He tells Govinda he can learn a lot from Tarachand. Govinda is confused. Sai shares that Tarachand is a big steel distributor. Govinda looks at Tarachand in awe. You are the great Tarachand! Tarachand says I just try to do things honestly. Sai says Govinda wants to set his own factory as well. You can guide him. Sai sits down. Tarachand asks Govinda about his plans. Govinda tells him (in mute).

Sai complements the kheer. May this sweetness be filled in everyone’s life. Tarachand is impressed with Govinda’s ideas and tells him to let him know if he needs his help. Govinda tells Sai now he understood why He asked him to be here. You think well for everyone. Sai says it does not matter what I think. Doing good deeds is what helps everyone grow.

Tejasvini has brought bundles of money for Madhusudhan. She notices the expression on Madhusudhan and his mother’s face. I heard about your scheme. I want to double this money. Madhusudhan’s mother tells Madhusudhan to accept it. You have never said no to anyone before. Madhusudhan thinks of Sai’s words again. Tejasvini says they are 10k. I want 20k in 2 months! He thinks that he was working so hard to help those poor people earlier and lakshmi has come to his home on its own. He assures Tejasvini that it will be done. She thanks him. Make sure nothing goes wrong. I am the DIL of Kulkarni Sarkar after all. You will suffer a bigger loss if I incur loss. Sarkar will make you pay the money. No one will be able to get you out of jail though!

Govinda thinks that one cannot meet people like Tarachand Kaka so easily. It is a sign that I should work with him. I will be able to buy Aayi’s jewellery through the money I will earn from Madhusudhan Kaka’s scheme and I will succeed in my work then.

Precap: Sai requests Pari to make Madhusudhan’s sketch. Tarachand looks at her drawing. He recognizes Madhusudhan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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