Mere Sai 25th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar Reforms And Feels Sai’s Greatness

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Mere Sai 25th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Deewan Saheb continues to ask question. He says now I have my last questions and asks what you would like to change to make the life better? Guru ji says poverty and says if poverty is gone then people will have equality in status and then it will be a better place for live. Dilawar says world can be better if nobody has fear, where there is a fear, there is no equality. Deewan Saheb keeps laddo on Dilawar’s side of weighing side. He asks soil or gold. Dilawar says one can get answer if it is valued. Guru ji says air has no weight, but it doesn’t mean that it is not valuable. He tells that plants can’t grow in gold, but it can be grown in soil. Deewan Saheb keeps laddo on Guru ji’s side. He asks what is the thing which is difficult for human to get rid off? Guru ji says kalang/black spot and says how to keep control on others things. Dilawar says childhood memories and recalls boys teasing him seeing his white patches. Deewan Saheb puts laddo on Dilawar’s side. He says sunset is about to happen and both the weighing sides are equal. He says whoever answers my last question right will be the winner.

Bayaza thinks God can’t do this with me. Deewan Saheb asks, Did you do bad with someone and don’t have any repentance? Guru ji tells that he was strict to his shishya Damodar and wanted him to find the way. He says now Damodar is at his place and I am happy and have no regrets. Dilawar thinks this is his last question and last chance to win. He says I had many students and I was very strict to them. He recalls torturing them.

He tells that he used to beat Jabulani with sugarcane stick and then he didn’t do any mistake. He tells about Bru and tells that he used to keep cold water on him. He says whatever I did was for his betterment, and tells that when he was leaving, he took my approval. He tells that even his ustad used to torture him and threw laddo plate on me. He cries and vent out his pain. Sai keeps hand on his shoulder and asks him to let the tears flow. He says if a human cries infront of everyone, then he has strength to agree to his deeds. He says everyone saw Dilawar’s cruel side, but nobody saw his pain which he is hiding. He asks him to get up and moves up his sleeve.

Dilawar is shocked as Sai shows his white patches. He says everyone of us have defects which is seen by the world. He says one needs trust to tell truth to everyone, and people will not fun of us or hate us. Om Sai plays….He holds Dilawar’s hand and heals his illness/white patches. Dilawar calls him Sai and says I am feeling as if I am freed. He removes his outer cloth and says now I have no qualms with my skin problem. He asks what did you do Sai? Sai says nobody can become great than God, and says sabka malik ek. Sai says it was God’s wish to make us unite.

Dilawar says I was doing wrong with you, and you dragged me to right path. He says I am thankful to you and hugs Sai crying. Everyone smiles. Sai smiles. Dilawar apologizes to them for trying to take their Sai away from them and says Sai and Shirdi are one. Deewan saheb says I am not needed here anymore. Jhipri asks will you come with us Sai? Sai says I can return and stay in Dwarka Maai, but if no Dilawar will come there, and if people will forget the tricks. He says it is not wrong to get excited to show hands, and tells that their future depends on their deeds and not on tricks. He says if anyone can fool their life and says happiness and sadness are part of life. He says then person like Dilawar will take advantage of you all.

Villagers apologize. Sai then politely scolds Jhipri for making fun of Dilawar Ali. Jhipri apologizes. Dilawar thanks Sai and says I have decided to become a good ustad and give a fearless teaching to students. He says I will give sweets to everyone, and then thinks who will take sweets from him. Jhipri asks him to give laddoo. Dilawar gives laddoo to Jhipri and others. Sai makes Bayaza have laddo. Dilawar sings na maangu dua na chahun meher…..Sai also sings. Everyone sings.

Sai returns to Dwarka Maai. He says they will make Dwarka Maai as it is.

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