Mere Sai 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Sorab ji throws Sai’s medicine stealthily at night

Mere Sai 25th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai tells Radhika he knows her concern. Move ahead without any pain or guilt and accept your destiny. Remember that nothing happens without a reason. Neelkanth ji wipes his tears. He asks Sorab ji to come. He is my Sai. Sorab ji greets Sai reluctantly with folded hands. Sai tells Sorab ji that kid’s illness can make parents worry and doubt things all the time. Sorab ji looks at his wife in confusion. He asks Neelkanth ji when he told Sai about Yasdeen? Neelkanth ji says I dint. I am coming with you only. I haven’t seen Him in years. Sorab ji is all the more puzzled now. How does He know about Radhika’s marriage? He turns to Sai. Neelkanth ji is about devotee but how do you know about Yasdeen. You don’t even know me. Yasdeen says I know Him. He is the same friend who I wanted to meet in Shirdi. Sorab ji asks her where she met Him. Sai tells Yasdeen it feels good to hear that she accepted Him as her friend. People spend years in making relations. You accepted me very soon. Sorab ji’s wife requests Sai to treat Yasdeen. I cannot see her in this condition anymore. Sai tells her not to worry. God takes care of everyone. He gives the box with bottles to Yasdeen’s mother. You have to mix the medicine in the bottle with water every night and give to Yasdeen. You must do this for 18 days and stay in Shirdi till then. Sorab ji says that is too much. We have to look after shop too. There is no guarantee that Yasdeen will recover afterwards. Neelkanth ji requests him to try once. Yasdeen asks her father if he cannot stay for her sake. Can you not give me these 18 days if I can actually recover? Sorab ji agrees for her sake. A guy greets Sai. I have made arrangements for the guests. Sai tells Sorab ji to go with him. Arrangements for your stay have been made already. Neelkanth ji smiles. Sai knew about your arrival already so he had made arrangements already. Sorab ji says Yasdeen must be tired. They leave with the guy.

Neelkanth ji tells Sai that Sorab ji does not trust Him. I still brought him here. Will Yasdeen be fine? Sai replies that medicines work differently and faith works in an altogether different way. If you have faith then everything will be fine.

Sorab ji looks at Yasdeen when she is sleeping. He looks at the box of medicine. Sai opens his eyes as Sorab ji picks up the box and heads towards the door. The fire in dhuni starts burning brightly than before. Sai picks a bowl and requests Agnidev to calm down. He is a kid. Kids make mistake sometimes. I apologize if you feel you have been disrespected in any way. Sorab ji looks at the bottle. This does not look like a medicine but dirty water. I cannot give it to my daughter. What if she falls ill?

A Fakir appears in front of Sorab ji. They get into a conversation. Fakir asks Sorab ji what he is doing here at this hour. Sorab ji says someone gave dirty water calling it medicine. I was going to throw it away. Fakir reasons that you don’t get God by believing half in him. He walks away.

Sai sits down.

Sorab ji is reminded of Yasdeen’s words and what happened in Dwarkamai today. People are so superstitious about Sai. Should I do it too or should I believe in Him like others? There is no harm in trying it. Sorab ji dismisses the idea. Don’t know what he has mixed in the bottles. Plague has been spreading too. He empties the bottles one by one. Sai collects the medicine in his bowl in Dwarkamai and smiles. Sorab ji looks determined. Sai says this is Ram ji’s blessing. I cannot let it go waste. He keeps the bowl down. Ram ji Bhala Karein!

Sorab ji brings the box inside. He refills the bottles with the medicines he had brought with himself from Bombay. It is ok if it does not help her but atleast it wont harm her.

Next morning, Shripad and Radhika’s family are in the temple requesting for God’s blessings and offer the cards to Khandoba. Tau ji looks at Radhika. He speaks to his brother. Why does Radhika look so worried? Does she want to confess? I hope you know the consequences. It will affect my daughters badly and it will become the reason for my untimely death. Neelkanth ji assures her she wont get a chance. We only have 2 days left. Tau ji says I will make sure it does not happen. Sai comes there. Everyone greets Sai. Sai notices Radhika lost in thoughts. He asks the bride and groom to go to Shani Mandir to seek Shani Dev’s blessings till the time their parents are doing abhishek here. Tau ji says we can do it together afterwards. What’s the rush? Shripad says we don’t refuse Sai’s suggestion ever. It isn’t far either. He asks the kids to go. Shripad and Radhika leave for Shani Mandir. Tau ji is worried. Neelkanth does not understand anything. He is a fool. He dint even stop them. This alliance will break if Radhika says anything. Sai remarks that a roster thinks that the sun wont rise if he wont crow but that is not the case in reality. It is an old saying. Tau ji wonders if Sai was hinting at him.

Shripad shares his childhood memories with Radhika on their way to temple. Radhika thinks I know Sai that you sent me here so I can tell the truth to Shripad. He isn’t letting me speak though. They reach temple and pay their respects. Shripad asks Radhika to say something about herself too. I have been talking nonstop. This is our only chance. We will otherwise be able to speak after the marriage only. Radhika decides to tell him the truth. There is something that I want to share. Tau ji asks Radhika to hurry up. Everyone is waiting. She asks him what he is doing here. Tau ji says we were worried about you so I came as well. Shripad asks him to seek Shani Dev’s blessings as well but Tau ji says it is done. They head back to Khandoba temple.

Precap: Shrikanth says Government has been asking me about the new teacher. When will it happen? Sai says it will happen soon. Shrikanth asks for a hint as to how soon it will happen. Sai says that teacher is in Shirdi only. Now the teacher has to recognize that truth.

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