Mere Sai 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jhipri Lakshmi Plans Bhajan Gathering

Mere Sai 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni thinks what is special in Ganpat Rao, let him check. At Dwarkamayi, Tatya, Ali, Lakshmi and Champa sit sadly reminiscing each other financial problems due to failed agriculture this year. Sai senses that and sings Jai jai Ram Krishna Haria and asks them to join them. They join him and sing. Keshav reaches there and watches smiling.

A drama artist Ganpat Rao reaches outside Kulkarni’s house and asks his friend to inform Kulkarni. Friend asks him to be careful as Kulkarni is most powerful in Shirdi, if Kulkarni gets happy, they can stay here and earn a lot as this village does not have any other avenue of entertainment. Ganpat Rao gets out of cart and walks into Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni with Anta and Chihu keenly look at him.

Keshav asks Sai if he can ask a question. Sai smiles and nods yes. Keshav says his father respects music, but why he hates other musicians and not letting drama company in Shirdi. Kulkarni asks Ganpat Rao if he is the one whose servant praised. Ganpat Rao asks if he is the arrogant man who boasts himself as scholar, but does not respect others. Kulkarni asks him to sing and if he does not like, he and his drama troupe will be stoned out of Shirdi. Sai tells Keshav that art is a form of uniting people and peace of him, be it singing or drama. Jhipri Lakhsmi says they can organize bhajan concert and can gather money for their friends. Sai likes her idea. She says they can even collect money from houses and Sai will sing bhajans. Sai asks Champa to sing with him. She agrees. Sai gives moral gyaan that united, they can solve any difficult problem.

Ganpat Rao confronts Kulkarni that singing is his pooja, stage is his temple, and people his god, he will not sing in front of any arrogant man and insult his art. He angrily walks out. Kulkarni fumes that Ganpat Rao insulted him and left easily, he will not spare Ganpat Rao. Ganpat Rao walks via lake fuming that Kulkarni insulting his art. Sai washing his clothes on lake says respect is earned in return. Ganpat Rao says he doe snot know what he went through. Sai asks what happened. Ganpat Rao continues fuming.

Precap: Sai tells Ganpat Rao that he has accepted Kulkarni’s taunts, so they are affecting him. Ganpat Rao says he is interfering uninvited, wanderers like him just comment and don’t act themselves.

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