Mere Sai 24th June 2022 Written Episode Update Sai saves Undrya from Kulkarni’s plot

Mere Sai 24th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Patil asks Kulkarni how does he know about theft. Kulkarni says I learn about every single movement in Shirdi. Banta says we were attacked too and he is powerful can do anything so believe what you have seen and throw those new people out. Baizmaa says I don’t believe this, Sai said he trusts Undrya and we should behave well with new people. Kulkarni says you call Sai your son and he couldn’t save your house from theft and so listen to me throw them out. Villagers except Patil and his family agree to Kulkarni. Kulkarni thinks now Balvant will lose and also Sai will lose trust.

Gauri looking for Undrya everywhere. Sai in Dwarka Mai feels Undrya’s presence. Undrya slowly walks to him with fan he made and fans air to Sai. Sai says such pleasant air I never experienced. Gauri sees Undrya with Sai and happy. She walks to them, Undrya shows her fan he made. Gauri says did he really make this. Sai says soon Undrya will take control of his life, he is a special kid and no more you will have to hide him and will bring happiness to everyone as his name says.

Villagers trap Undrya in a net, Gauri says what are you doing, villagers say he attacked a kid and stole last night. Kulkarni says now for Shirdi’s safety all new people have to leave. New people request them to only ask Undrya to leave and not them. Kulkarni says who will take your responsibility, we don’t know anything about them, today there is theft god knows what will happen next, and what if someone is killed. Gauri tries to defend but no one listens to her, Kulkarni keeps blaming Undrya and asks to burn whole basti. Undrya frees himself. Kulkarni says he is so wild look he free himself hit him hard. Gauri begs not to do so, Santa oushes her away. Villagers start hitting Undrya but the stick breaks and Undrya doesn’t get hurt. Everyone shocked. Sai walks in, Undrya rushes to Sai.
Sai says what is happening is wrong and so even God isn’t with you. Kulkarni says it’s his black magic and its proved Undrya takes monkey get up and attacks, Santa Banta were keeping an eye at his house and he was missing last night when his parents were asleep. Villagers say we saw Undrya run towards basti. Sai asks did anyone see that man going to Undrya’s house. Kulkarni says I need no proofs and I am head here and I make decisions, new people should leave and all this is Undrya’s act to steal. Sai asks Undrya to speak, he wants to help him but Undrya first has to help himself.

Undrya tells everyone that he was with Sai last night. Sai says very good, I could say that but I want you to stand for yourself. Sai says Undrya was with me all night in Dwarka Mai.

( Undrya with Sai making fan for his mother)

Sai says I came to drop Undrya last night. Gauri says they aren’t lying look this fan he made and also today morning he was with Sai. Kulkarni says Sia always saves thief’s. Bhiva says we trust Sai someone else must be thief. Sai says Kulkarni you look angry, you should be happy an innocent is safe. Kulkarni says you will be responsible for all his actions. Sai says I accept it because I trust Undrya. Kulkarni says soon this trust will be broken, I will come back with solid proofs, Sai says when you prove its Undrya or someone else from basti, I will ask everyone to leave.

Gauri says to his husband, I have seen him happy and calm with Sai. He says I am scared, Undrya will never let us live in peace, I feel like I should leave him far away. Undrya listens to them and feels bad, he sees kids playing and goes to play with them, they get sacred of him abd runaway from him, basti people think Undrya is troubling their kids and hurt him. Undrya gets angry and tries to scared them with a stone, Gauri stops him, basti people yell at Undrya and his family and threaten them. Basti people blame Undrya as theif and says because of Undrya they will lose jobs and keep insulting them. Basti people demand Undrya to leave basti. Undrya gets angry and runs away. Undrya’s father scolds him. Gauri says let gim go, I know where he will go, to the one who treats him like human.

Undrya tells Sai how everyone hates him. Sai wipes Undrya’s tears and says I like you Charuhas and your mother too. Undrya says I have no friends, Sai says you soon will have friends, first eat something. Undrya says baba didn’t give food but punished me. Sai says I am telling you so go have food, I have kept laddu in pot go. Undrya goes and sees two pots and os confused.

Pre cap: Gauri asks where is Undrya. Gauri sees Undrya well dressed and thanks Sai.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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