Mere Sai 24th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Suggests Villagers to Seek Kulkarni’s Help

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Mere Sai 24th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shirdi people walk away disappointed when they see water well totally dried up. Sudama with his family walks to Dwarkamayi and tells Sai that he is returning to his home with family as his house renovation has finished and he can live with his family peacefully there, so he came to take Sai’s blessings. Sai blesses them, and they walk away. Sai during meditation senses something unusual and looking at plant drying says nature wants to say something. Mhalsapati with villagers walk in saying Sai is right, Sai identifies upcoming problems via his knowledge. Baizaa says there is drought-like situation in Shirdi and after Sai’s advice, villagers are taking even last drop of water, what they should do now. Sai suggests to meet Kulkarni as he is government representative and can solve their

problem. A lady says Sai is right, last time when tiger attacked Sudama, Kulkarni ordered to build wall around village for stopping wild animals to enter village. Baizaa thinks why Sai is sending them to Kulkarni.

Kulkarni is busy checking ledger. Parvati tries to feed Govinda, but he says he does not want to eat much, else he will be fat like Kulkarni maama. Kulkarni hears that and says Govinda wants to have chaat pakodi, so he wants to missing food. Anta informs that villagers have come to meet him. Kulkarni yells why beggar villagers came to meet him and seeing Baizaa with villagers asks if there is something important that she came here. She says there is drought like situation in village and people are thriving for water, if he can help them. Kulkarni asks if they did not go to sorcerer Sai like they always do, they should return to him and stop expecting any help from him. Villagers walk away disappointed, discussing that Kulkarni will never help them. Kulkarni seeing Govinda dropping water and walking away hearing villager’s condition thinks he knows what to do now.

Baizaa tells villagers that they should seek help from Sai only now. Anta walks in and informs that Kulkarni is calling them. Baizaa asks Tatya to call Sai to Kulkarni’s house. Once all villagers gather, Kulkarni starts his sugary talks and says he cannot see villagers in trouble, so he has decided to help them; there is ample amount of water outside village and has ordered someone to deliver water to villagers. Villagers discuss that Kulkarni has changed, earlier he built wall for them and now is helping them with water… Sai smiles hearing that.

Precap: Baizaa requests Sai to help a man’s wife who is very ill. Sai asks to bring her to him. Man says it is not possible as she cannot even walk.

Update Credit to: MA

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