Mere Sai 24th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Tulsa Reunites With Her Family

Mere Sai 24th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks mob to throw stone on Tulsa only if they have not lied or done wrong in a lifge. ____ asks his son to inform man standing outside house that he is not here. Son says that man was telling he worked for 1 month and did not get paid, why did not he pay that poor man. Father warns to shut his mouth and do as he says. Another woman lifts stone and sees it as scorpion and reminisces her neighbor asking money and she lying that her husband took locker key with him. Everyone see scorpion instead of stone and reminisce their mistake. Kulkarni gets irked and asks why they are not throwing stones, if trickster Sai is doing magic on people. Sai says he is showing them reality as usual. He tells woman that her house roof fell when Tulsa passed by as its rope broke off, she should think that Tulsa saved her instead. He then tells other woman that she gave milk to her son and then fed her pickle, due to which he got indigestion and then vomited and got dehydrated, it is not Tulsa’s mistake. He tells another woman that Tulsa took only some milk for crying Malhari, rest calf drank it. He then clears rest of people’s misunderstandings. They all apologize Sai and Tulsa.

Mhalsapati and Parvati apologize Tulsa for leaving her helplessly and say they will not let her alone now. Tulsa says it is not their mistake, Parvati is worried about her daughter Gowri, even she considers Gowri similar to Manjari and is worried about her. Pravati and Baiza bai free Tulsa’s hand and say Tulsa has 2 houses in Shirdi, she can stay either at her brother or akka’s house. Sai says Tulsa should go to some other place instead. Tulsa says yes and leaves with Parvati and Mhalsapati.

They all 3 reach Sai’s house. Tulsa is shocked to see her daughter Manjari and husband sitting there. Manjari runs and hugs Tulsa emotionally. Mhalsapati asks how come they are here. Husband says he saw a bad dream last night that people tied Tulsa and trying to stone her, but a beggar saint saved her and informed him to go to Shirdi, so he hired bullock cart and left with Manjari and here his cart’s wheel broke, so driver asked them to rest here. Sai walks in. Husband is shocked and says he is the same saint. Sai smiles. Mhalsapati says now he realized why Sai asked to travel here. Manjari apologizes Tulsa and says she did not want grandma to yell at her, so she asked her go. Husband says he will speak to aayi and will take Tulsa with her, will give her respect and protection she desires. Tulsa thanks Sai. Sai says he is just a means, her husband got worried and things changed. He goes and sits saying Allah malik hai. Manjari thanks Sai for gifting her mother back. Tulsa says Sai gave one more thing and takes out coral necklace and fixes it on Manjari’s neck.

Precap: Keshav buys liquor from arrack shop and gets tensed seeing Sai passing by.

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