Mere Sai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni forces villagers to opt for cotton farming

Mere Sai 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with businessmen coming to Kulkarni’s house and tells that he is Chaudhary and Shukla, and tells that they buy the grains from the farmers directly and sell to the shops. Shukla tells that we assure the farmers that they will not bear the loss if they get sell less grains to us in any year. Kulkarni says I have nothing to do and asks what they are planning. Shukla says we know that you think of your profit. Chaudhary says we will sell the grains to shops at high prices. Shukla says we will buy grains at lesser price from the farmers and will sell at high price, and will give one big share of profit to you. They ask Kulkarni to convince farmers to sell grains to them. Kulkarni asks about the share. Shukla and Chaudhary present him with money, and clothes. Kulkarni checks the cloth and

says it is so soft and asks about it name. Shukla says it is terry cotton and comes free for us from Britain, as we are the ones who export cotton to Britain. Kulkarni looks on.

A man comes to Dwarka Maai and asks Jhipri and Tatya to let him go inside and meet Sai, and tells that his wife is unwell. Jhipri says I will talk to Sai. Tatya stops her and tells that the man has to wait. Kulkarni tells the businessmen that they shall ask the farmers to grow cotton. Chaudhary and Shukla tell that Shirdi has less water and cotton farming needs much grain. Shukla says people will not have water to drink also. Kulkarni says he will see later. He thinks I have my own well. Kulkarni asks what we I get. Chaudhary says even lockers will be less to keep the money. You will play with thousands of money. Kulkarni becomes greedy and asks Anta and Banta to call all farmers and not to call Appa. The man who is waiting to talk to Sai is waiting in the queue. He sees Tatya busy and runs to meet Sai. Tatya shouts asking him to stop. The man panics and stops. Tatya scolds him and says don’t you understand the rules, and asks him to stand in the queue else he will throw him out. Jhipri says he didn’t do anything that you are shouting at him. Tatya says I can’t calm down and tells that he will throw the man from there and will let him meet Sai. Sai comes there and tells Tatya that nobody was thrown from Dwarka Maai ever. He gives vibhuti to man and asks him to mix it in water and give to his wife. Man thanks Sai. Sai looks at Tatya.

Kulkarni meets the farmers and says I brought good news for you, your bad days are going to over, and says I am connected to you since years and now I am going to give you a good deal. He tells that Shukha and Chaudhary will help you and will buy grains from you, and will give the money instantly, and will ensure that nobody’s children will not sleep empty stomach.

Sai tells Tatya that he told him about Rishi Jamadagni and Parshuram story. Tatya tells that he asked the man to wait, but he didn’t obey him. Bayaza tells Sai that Tatya was shouting at Sakaram in the morning. Tatya asks I am not angry, but gets angry and asks them not to treat him like a small boy. Sai looks in the sky and asks Tatya to bring Mhalsapati to Chawni. Appa asks what happened? Sai asks him to come with him.

Saleem says why they will give us money instantly. Kulkarni says they need cotton from you and asks him to do cotton farming. The farmers tell that they never cultivated cotton before. Kulkarni asks him to talk to the other farmer of another village who tells that he was poor before, but after meeting Shukla and Chaudhary and cotton cultivation is like boon to him. He says I get 2 percent more profit than the grains (actually cotton farming is 10 percent more profitable as Chaudhary told Kulkarni). Sai comes there with Appa. Kulkarni asks Anta why did he call him. Anta says I didn’t call him. Kulkarni asks Appa to hear about the profit. Saleem tells him everything. Mhalsapati says I don’t trust Kulkarni. Appa says cotton farming is a trouble for Shirdi farmers. Sai asks him to speak up. Appa tells Kulkarni that he don’t think that cotton farming is profitable and says they have already brought the seeds of grains. Chaudhary says we will offer you seeds. Appa says we need much water for cotton farming. Shukla says we will make arrangement of water. Appa says how, and says there is no river here. He says how can we trust strangers. Chaudhary asks who are you to speak on everyone’s behalf. Tatya asks who are you to talk to my baba like that and tells that his baba is the respected man of Shirdi, just because he thinks of everyone’s betterment and Villagers trust him a lot.

Sai asks Tatya to calm down. Appa apologizes to Kulkarni for Tatya’s behavior and says I mean to say that your proposal is good, but not for Shirdi people, we will have deficit of water, and what is the use of profit when we have no water to drink, it is foolishness to accept the offer. Kulkarni thinks I shall not lose my patience and says ok, do whatever you want, just like Appa says. He says there was many farmers who has taken big amount from him and even their children can’t pay the interest and principal amount. Munim tells the villagers what amount (interest and Principal) they have to give to him. He says there is a probability that you will have water scarcity, but what is sure that you have to pay the interest and loan to me. He asks them to get their names written. Tatya tells Appa that even Kulkarni was silent today when he talked angrily and says that means until we get angry, nobody listen to us. Kulkarni looks angrily at him.

A woman comes to Sai and tells that her husband is very honest. She says they have bought the cow to sell its milk, but it died. Sai says what you want me to do. The woman asks Sai to make him intelligent and says such people stay rich. Sai says it is not right. The woman says he is very honest woodlogger and sells wood telling about his original name, and not like others wood loggers. Sai tells that Dattaram is honest and that’s why other woodloggers believe him.

No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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