Mere Sai 23rd February 2021 Written Episode Update: Chihu Tai and Srikanth decide to support Govinda

Mere Sai 23rd February 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baizama, Tatya, Salim and a few other villagers join Sai for the puja in Dwarkamai. Please give us the strength to become like you. You give food to those who plough on you. Give us a heart like yours. We should be merciful and forgiving like you. Tatya tells his Aayi that he has seen this puja for the first time. Baizama is sure there must be a reason behind doing this puja. Tatya nods. Baizama asks Salim about the blankets. He says I got new blankets. I thought to first seek Sai’s blessings and was able to participate in the puja. Saia asks Salim about his business. Salim shares that he is able to live a decent life with whatever he is able to earn. Sai assures him that everything will be fine.

A guy reaches Dwarkamai with his wife just then. Sai smiles. Villagers move aside to welcome the couple. They greet Sai and the villagers. The guy introduces himself (Tarachand) and his wife (Vimla). I have a mill. Nanasaheb told us about you and we couldn’t wait to meet you. Sai asks him about his headache. The couple is taken aback. Tarachand says Nanasaheb told us that you know everything beforehand but we dint trust him. I hope you also know about the solution. The pain is unbearable. I pray that I die soon. Sai asks him to remove his turban. Tarachand removes his turban with a heavy heart. There is an injury on his forehead. It shocks everyone.

Madhusudhan says I should share whatever I have. Govinda says this is your greatness. Madhusudhan reasons that everyone should get a chance to become wealthy. Why should only few people be blessed to be rich? His friends come just then. Madhusudhan introduces them to Govinda. They deposited money in my business too. It has doubled now. He heads inside to bring their money. They praise Madhusudhan in front of Govinda and don’t count the bundle when Madhusudhan gives it to them. We trust you more than anyone else. They leave. Madhusudhan tells Govinda he is pleased over the fact that he is giving people a chance to become rich. People believe and invest when they hear it from someone they know and trust. I want people of Shirdi to know of this opportunity. Govinda offers to spread the word. Madhusudhan says people will bless you when they will earn money. I don’t know anyone in Shirdi so I will open a small office. Ask everyone to come there directly. Govinda says not many people have money to invest. Sarkar has only abused people by taking their money. Such schemes sound attractive but what’s worth seeing is how many people will actually believe it. Madhusudhan says we can only try. He thinks you are the son of a trusted teacher of Shirdi. They will easily believe you and that’s all that I want!

Vimla shares that they have been seeing him in pain since years. He cannot even sleep properly at night because of this. Sai asks Tarachand to immerse his turban in the pond nearby. He is reluctant. This has been passed on to us from generations. This is our pride. Vimla says he loves it so much. He has been told to remove it in the past also but he has never listened to anyone. Tarachand says I do remove it at night. What’s the connection between my turban and this wound? Sai asks him to come outside. Everyone follows Sai. Sai removes a stone from a corner. Some insects are there. Sai asks Tarachand what he can see. He replies that this is common. Sai says it is because there is moisture and darkness underneath. It is important for the kids to grow / survive. Similarly, your wound is able to remain fresh under the turban. You dint listen to Vaid ji. The wound is not the problem. It is the arrogance which you feel once you wear it. Arrogance is not good for anyone. Wearing a turban is not wrong but depending on it too much and become overtly proud because of it isn’t right. Tarachand agrees to listen to Sai. Sai advises him to remain down to earth. You should bow to Mother Earth to be in sync with her. Baizama smiles.

Chihu Tai is cooking. Srikanth finds her lost in thoughts and asks her what happened. Chihu Tai says you explained to me yesterday but we should not stop Govinda anymore. We should understand that he is acting stubborn to give a new direction to his life. He only wants to give us a better life. We don’t want anything but we can atleast support his dreams. Who will support his dreams if not us? Srikanth says it isn’t about support but money. Wouldn’t we have given it to him if we had money? Chihu Tai says I have some jewellery which we can mortgage. He calls it her amanat but she insists that this is for their family only. He is reluctant but she speaks of mortgaging them. We will get them back once we get money. I doubt that he might break if we wont support him. It wont be right if our poverty will push him away from his dreams? We have to make him believe that whatever we have is his and we are with him. Srikanth agrees. She tells him to take the jewellery with him. Mortgage them at a shop which will give you max money. She goes to bring them.

Sai asks Tarachand to offer his respects to Mother Earth (the bowl of dirt that he had collected from the field earlier). Tarachand bows down. Sai looks up with a smile. The wound on Tarachand’s forehead disappears. He sits up and looks at Sai. My pain has disappeared. His wife and the villagers are surprised to notice that his wound has disappeared. They fold hands in reverence. Sai says Ma takes the pain of her kids. Tarachand is in tears. Tell me how I can repay you for this? Sai advises him to buy blankets for his workers. It is very cold. They will bless you. Buy them from Salim only. Salim thanks Sai with folded hands. Tatya smiles. Sai tells Tarachand to stay in Shirdi till the time He will tell them to. You must stay here. Tarachand nods. I will get to see you for few more days. Sai says you will get to do a lot more. Just wait for the right time. Sai smiles. Tarachand is confused. Sai says you will know when it’s time. He gets tensed. He immediately leaves for some place. Baizama says he must have gone to help someone. He stopped you so you can help someone in need.

Precap: Chihu Tai and Srikanth are not able to find the jewellery. Chihu Tai wonders if Govinda stole them. Sai reaches there just then. Sadly, you are right.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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