Mere Sai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update: Rukmini Realizes Sai’s Blessings On Her

Mere Sai 22nd December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rukmini is still standing out and prays. Chivu comes and asks if she is feeling cold. Rukmini says yes. Chivu puts water on her feet. Rukmini feels more cold and shouts. Chivu goes. Rukmini says Ram Krishna Hari and shivers with cold. Sai prays and the firefly comes and surrounds her. She smiles and thinks this is not any coincidence and says God, why I am thinking you are listening to me and hear me. Sai says Ram Krishna Hari. Rukmini hears his voice and says Sai. She folds her hands. Om Sai plays….

In the morning, Keshav comes out and sees Rukmini still standing out and asks until when you will stand here, you will fall ill. Rukmini hugs him and says nothing will happen to her until he is with her. Keshav asks whom? Sai comes nearby and asks for charity. Jhipri tells Sai that they thought to be with him and play with him after coming from school. Sai asks what happened? Jhipri says Rano ji left, you are alone now. She says he used to say this is Dwarka Maai, but nothing changed. Sai asks what you will change here. Jhipri says I will decorate this Dwarka Maai and asks him not to worry. Tatya says he will make cloth swing and tie to plant. Jhipri says Sai is not a kid to use swinger. Sai asks them to decorate as they like. Jhipri asks him to leave work on her. Sai smiles.

Kulkarni comes home and sees Rukmini. He says why I am feeling that you didn’t take bath, and says it seems you didn’t make preparation of pooja. Rukmini reminds him that he asked her to stand outside till he returns.

Kulkarni says so you are standing here since yesterday, but you aren’t looking tired. Keshav says she stood out all day and night. Kulkarni asks her to go inside. Rukmini gives him water. He asks Keshav about Chivu. Keshav says she got unwell standing outside. Kulkarni says why did she stand under sun. Keshav says she was keeping eye on Aayi.. Kulkarni asks him to go to school and says it is strange that Rukmini is fine and Chivu got unwell. He asks Rukmini to understand his intention behind punishing her.

Aayi goes blind fully and curses Phuntro. Bayaza makes her sit and says everything will be fine. Aayi asks her to apply ointment. Bayaza applies ointment. Aayi shouts and asks if she will kill her, and asks if Sai gave this. Bayaza says Kulkarni sent this. She applies on her wound. Aayi says she never took help from anyone, but today she is feeling helpless. She tells that for the first time, she can’t attend the Paath in the temple because of her blindness. Bayaza goes to bring kheer for her.

Aayi thinks I wanted to control Bayaza, but now I got dependent on her. Keshav looks at Sai from outside. Sai takes his name and asks him to come inside. He asks how do you know my name? Sai asks him to come inside. Jhipri asks him not to be scared. Keshav says my mum was praying, I thought ..Jhipri says they have so much work here. Keshav says he knows how to make rangoli. Sai asks him to make rangoli.

Keshav makes rangoli and asks Jhipri to give him a cloth, but the cloth falls down. Jhipri says I will bring. Keshav says I will bring and goes. He sees Anta and Banta coming there and hides. Banta tells Anta that he forgot to bring ghee for Kulkarni and they leave. Keshav brings the cloth and wipes the extra color. Sai smiles looking at his rangoli. He says it is beautiful rangoli. Keshav says Aayi taught him, but she can’t come. Sai says if God wishes, she will come out.

Bayaza tells Kaveri that she is happy seeing her life on track. Kaveri says you are the one who helped me. Bayaza says we get busy in our own family and when something goes wrong we couldn’t know what to do. She says we, the woman shall meet and talk so that they can solve others problem when in trouble. Kaveri says my sasubai is sad as she can’t go to temple to do path. She thought anyone can read the paath. Kaveri says it is good, but she don’t think anyone knows Sanskrit. Bayaza gets thinking.

She comes to Sai and says she will ask Appa to do the decoration. Sai asks her to let the kids do the decorations and says if you stop them then how they will learn. Bayaza says she thought all women shall do paath in navratri, but nobody knows Sanskrit well and asks can I read paath for us. Sai asks do you really believe that nobody knows Sanskrit well.

Kulkarni tells Aayi that it is impossible that she will ever get vision. Aayi cries badly. Later she washes her face with water and sees Sai in it. She folds her hands as she gets her vision back.

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