Mere Sai 21st November 2018 Written Episode Update: Ram Bhav Tells Sai About Kulkarni’s Cheat

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Mere Sai 21st November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari comes to Sai. Kids ask Sai to come to Ram bhav. Ram bhav cries and tells Sai that he is bankrupt and has nothing now. A fb is shown, he comes to Kulkarni and tells that he wants to get his jewellery freed. Kulkarni asks Munim to tell how much money is pending still. Munim says 130 Rs. Kulkarni tells Ram bhav that he will get the jewellery only if he brings all the money. Ram Bhav says I brought the money. Kulkarni asks Munim to count. Munim starts counting and tells Kulkarni that the money is 130 Rs. Kulkarni asks him to give his jewellery. Ram Bhav says his jewellery is in wooden box. Munim says I know. He brings the wooden box and gives to Kulkarni. Kulkarni gives box to Ram Bhav. Ram Bhav thanks him. Kulkarni asks him to check if the jewellery is inside or not. Ram Bhav says I trust you fully.

Kulkarni says you might tell that the jewellery is not inside, and asks him to open and check the lock. Ram Bhav opens the box and finds just a chain. He is shocked.

Ram Bhav says what is this? Kulkarni says it is the same thing which you had kept. Ram Bhav says he had kept chandan har in the box and got the loan. Kulkarni says you have become old and lost memory. He says when keys are with you, how can anyone change it. Ram Bhav says it is changed. Kulkarni says you might want to fool me and want to take big necklace from me. Ram Bhav says this is not my necklace and says it is injustice. Kulkarni asks him to go. fb ends. Ram Bhav says I am ruined.

Ram Bhav says Kulkarni took away his everything and have beaten him up. Anta and Panta scold him. Kulkarni says you are lying and tells that the box was closed and the keys are with you. He says I have more precious jewellery than you. Ram Bhav asks him to return his wife’s jewellery. Kulkarni scolds him and asks Anta to throw him out. Ram Bhav cries and asks him not to do wrong with him. He pushes Panta. Anta gets angry and beats him with stick badly. The boy standing with Munim asks him to stop Anta, but Munim asks him to get habitual to see all this. Ram Bhav cries and leaves from there with an injured head. fb ends.

Ram Bhav’s daughter brings water. Sai asks him to drink and cleans his wound. Om Sai plays….Govinda, Udhav and Pari look on. Sai says everything will be fine. Ram Bhav says Kulkarni did wrong with me and has returned small necklace. He says my wife’s necklace was big and heavy. Sai checks it and says it is of no use as it is fake. Ram Bhav is more shocked. Kulkarni laughs. Munim asks how did you change the jewellery in the box. Kulkarni says when he came and asked about the loan amount. I understood. He says how can I let precious ornament go. He asks locksmith to open the box. He takes out the necklace and changes it with artificial chain. He tells that when he heard about the british Policy, he gave the necklace and took paper notes. He tells that nobody will find out now. Chivu comes and tells that Rukmini haven’t kept the jewellery in the almari and asks for keys. Kulkarni teases her. Chivu opens the almari and keeps the jewellery, but she don’t see the notes which fell down from almari. Munim asks Kulkarni about the boy. Munim says he was scared seeing Ram Bhav beaten by Anta. Ram Bhav tells Sai that Kulkarni have done wrong with me and asks how will I get my daughter married now? Govinda asks shall I talk to Keshav dada about this. Sai says no and tells that he have faith that Kulkarni himself will give necklace to Ram Bhav himself. Govinda asks don’t you know Mama ji. Sai asks Ram Bhav to have shraddha and saburi and says every problem get solved with this.

The young man working with Munim get the money bundle and takes it. He comes to Sai. Sai asks him to correct his mistakes.

Update Credit to: MA

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