Mere Sai 21st May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai treats Kamla and makes her realizes Champa’s goodness

Mere Sai 21st May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pari, Udham and Govinda flying kite in Dwarka Maai. The boy sees the kite in air and asks Kamla to see. He says kite is cut, I have won. It is udham’s kite. He tells her that he will get the kite. Kamla says it is very far, you can’t get it. Sai raises his hand in air. Kite flies. The boy says I want that kite and runs seeing the kite in sky. Kamla runs behind him asking him to listen. She thinks if he fell down then..Govinda and Udham try to get the kite. The boy says the kite will be of the person getting it. Kamla runs behind the boy and falls down in the pit, and gets injured. The boy is shocked. Bheeva sees her and says this is Champa’s sasumaa. Champa asks Sai if her sasuma will be fine. Sai asks her to have Shraddha and Saburi. Jhipri says my prayers starts will Sai and ends with him, and asks her not to worry. Sai is treating Kamla in Dwarka maai. Champa asks why Aai is not getting up. Sai says it is not necessary that a disease is healed at a moment and says may be she is not willing to get well. Champa says she has to get well and asks her to get up. The boy asks her to get up. Champa asks her to get up and says I promise that I will go to Tantrik and will drink any kada. She says if I say then I will leave your son, so that he can remarry, so that you can become Aaji and your heir comes. She asks her not to punish everyone for her. Sai says she will get strength with your positive attitude, care and love for this boy. Champa says I will make Aai get back to her senses. The boy says even I will take care of Aaji.

Bayaza comes and asks Champa to eat something. Champa and the boy refuse to eat anything. Saraswati thinks why Champa is taking so much care of Kamla even after bearing so much. In the morning, Kamla gains consciousness. Champa is awake while everyone is sleeping. Champa calls Aai…everyone wake up. Kamla sits and asks where is Munna? If he is fine. Boy wakes up and asks are you fine? Kamla says my pain is gone seeing you fine and hugs him. The boy asks her to careful and not to run in this age. Kamla says I am not old. Bhairu says munna and Champa have taken care of you, and she didn’t sleep or eat. Sai tells Kamla that Champa has sworn that she will agree to your sayings. Kamla asks what I want? Sai says you can take Champa to tantrik, can throw Champa out or get Bhairu remarried.

Kamla cries and feels bad. Champa asks what happened? Kamla asks her not to worry for her and says I don’t deserve your love. Champa asks why are you saying this? Sai says when one realizes his mistake then they feel burdened. Sai says you have realized your mistake and accepted it. Kamla feels very guilty and accepts to her wrong doings. A fb is shown. Everyone is shocked to shocked to know that kamla tried to leave Munna in the other village. Kamla says I hate myself for this. Bhairu says I had thrown Champa out on your sayings and agreed to remarry. Saraswati tells that even she is equally responsible as she had provoked her. She says I didn’t realize that your wife is so good, and my evilness will defeated infront of her goodness. She says when I wake up in the night, I saw how Champa is crying for Kamla and showing so much love. She tells Kamla that this bahu is more than a daughter and tells her that she can never get such Bahu like her. Kamla apologizes to Bhairu. Kamla says I didn’t accept that I have an adarsh family. She apologizes to Sai for misbehavior. She tells that she has good son and good daughter in law. She promises not to do such mistakes again. Champa asks her not to cry and says you will feel pain on your head. Bhairu says Champa can forgive you, but I can’t forget that you tried to destroy my home and provoked me to misbehaved with Champa. Kamla’s husband tells her that he is feeling ashamed because of her and says it is upto Bhairu’s now to forgive you or not. Sai tells him that your Aai used to do everything on her own as her husband was away, but after your marriage, she though she is losing control on you and that’s why she did this due to insecurity. He says she has realized her mistake and accepted it. Champa asks him to forget everything and says this is our Aai. Bhairu forgives her.

Sai tells Saraswati that she always tried to find faults in Champa and says everyone has faults in themselves. He says Champa is proved right. He signs Munna to come near him and says time is up. The boy starts leaving Dwarka Maai and smiles looking at Sai. He looks at the sun rays and vanishes. Champa thanks Sai. Kamla worriedly searches Munna. Champa also searches him and they run out of Dwarka Maai. Sai says Allah Malik…

Precap: Bhairu and Champa search Munna. A storm comes. Champa finds the doll on the tree and takes it. She feels electric current and faints.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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