Mere Sai 21st June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Unique Way Of Helping Shantaram

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Mere Sai 21st June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shantaram and Usha continue to fight and allege each other. Ananand shouts to shut up, they are fighting continuously and if they don’t stop, he will send them out of house. Usha shouts who taught him this. Anand says from them and they sent aaji and azoba out of house. Usha twists his ears. Shantaram thinks it is better to go out and seek monetary help from someone instead of watching their drama. He requests his friends to lend him money, but nobody does. Eknath with Nirmala reaches Sai’s suggested market and says flowers are of same price here, then why did Sai suggested to buy flowers from here. Nirmala says if Sai has suggested something, then they should obey him. They see Shantaram meeting his friend who offers to help him in business,
but when he seeks monetary help denies to help and walking with his wife says Shantaram is a selfish friend. Nirmala cries hearing that and tries to walk to Shantaram, but Eknath stops her and says it is not right time to meet him. She asks if they can help their son. Eknath says he will and giving his savings to sait Gangaram requests to give him some time for his son by taking this money, though it is a bit less. Gangaram yells his son took 150 rs loan and this is just a small change. Eknath says his son has responsibility of his workers and godown, so he must have spent money on them, he will save more money and pay his son’s interest. Gangaram shouts Eknath is insulting by giving a small change, he knows how to take back his money.

Eknath and Nirmala sadly return to Dwakamayi. Sai offers them water. Nirmala explaining him whole ordeal requests Sai to help Shantaram. Sai asks how can he and asks Eknath why he wants to help his son. Eknath says all his money and property belongs to his son and it is age old rule. Sai asks if son inherits father’s property and wealthy why can’t son get father’s punya/good deeds. Eknath says he did not understand. Sai asks if he has a tree in his agricultural land. Eknath says mango tree which his great grandfather sowed, it bears sweet mangoes which his generation enjoyed. Sai says just like tree is passed on to generation, his punya will pass on to his son and his son will get help for sure.

Shantaram returns home at night. Usha asks if he got any loan. He says no and lies down to sleep, but does not get sleep. He thinks his father warned him against taking loan, but he did not listen to his father and blindly followed Gangaram’s advice. He closes eyes and hears Nirmala singing lullaby. He goes into flashback where young Nirmala sings lullaby for kid Shantaram and Shantaram says he cannot sleep without aayi’s lullaby. In Dwarkamayi, Sai sees Nirmala and Eknath still awake and asks reason. Nirmala says when their son is in trouble, how can they sleep and request Sai for help. Sai does his leela and takes his soul to a sleeping man’s house and blesses him. Man wakes up calling Baba. Next morning, sait Gangaram walks into Shantaram’s house and forcefully tries to take their utensils. In Dwarkamayi, Sai asks Jhipri to get him water as he needs to prepare lassi. Jhipri says he does not have jaggery and curd, how will he make lassi. Sai says she is right, let us go to her house and prepare lassi there. Eknath hears lassi and remembers someone. A man in whose dream Sai had reached last night reaches Sirdhi and asks a boy Eknath’s address. Boy says Eknath kaka does not have his own house as his son kicked him out of house. Man thinks where to find baba/Eknath now. He sees foot steps and walks along them and reaches Dwarkamayi where he sees Eknath. Eknath identifies him as Kaustuth and happily hugs him. Kaustuth asks where he stays Eknath says this is his house Dwarkamayi. He introduces Kaustuth to Nirmala as his Bombay friend Vallabh’s son, his son passed away in young age and Kaustuth looks exactly like Vallabh, etc..

Precap: Sai asks Kaustuth to help Shantaram and fulfill his baba’s wish. Kaustuth stops Gangaram from taking away Shantaram’s utensils.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Doesn’t Shantaram’s lazy,egotistical wife do any house work. This stupid woman needs to sweep
    the floor and take better care of her child. She needs lessons from Champa.

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