Mere Sai 21st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Explains Value of Family Bonding

Mere Sai 21st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govinda and Udhav get stuck into dirt and call Sai for help. Mhalsapati walks into jungle towards home. Tulsa follows her. Sai suggests Govinda and Udhav to help each other if they want to come out of it. They help each other and come out. Tulsa informs Mhalsapati how her in-laws trouble her and threw her out once Mhalsapati left. Mhalsapati asks why did not she inform him till now, he thought she is happy in her husband’s house. Tulsa explains how her MIL used to trouble her, insult her, throw water on her and find defect in all her work, so she used to be awake and broom house so that nobody could point at her work. Mhalsapati asks what about her husband. She says he is mamma’s puppet and watches silently. Sai explains Govinda and Udhav how they solved their problem with their unity, they should befriend each other. They should never. Sai says they both are same. They say never…

Tulsa continues crying describing her sorrows. Mhalsapati says he cannot help her even after knowing her sorrows as Gauri’s alliance will break again and Kulkarni will provoke people so much that people will bycott them let them suffer, apologizes for not helping her being her brother. He gives her money and says he can only help her monetarily.

Madhav scolds Govinda and Udhav for going near dirt. Sai asks him to let them bathe and give them fresh clothes and asks them not to do any mischief again. Govinda sees Udhav wearing his cloth and gets angry. At night, Sai returns to his hut. Lakshmi sees dirt on his legs and stops him from entering house as she cleaned house just now. She brings water to wash his legs. Sai says let him do it. She says let her and washes his legs. Sai says Tulsa is very innocent and pious. Lakshmi says she is worried for Tulsa. Sai says till now Tulsa’s brother helped her, now her sister will.

Mhalsapati leaves Tulsa in jungle and leaves. Tulsa cries sitting under tree. Bayaza stops her bullock cart and walks to her and asks who is she, why she is crying. Tulsa gets afraid. Bayaza asks not to worry and tell what happened. Tulsa says her MIL kicked her out of house. Bayaz asks what about her husband, why did not she go to her mother’s house, she can stay in her house and they can see what they can do tomorrow, she can consider her as Akka/elder sister.

Mhalsapati returns home and hears Gauri asking her Malhari what he will gift her on rakshabandhan. They see him and walk in. Parvati asks if he dropped Tulsa to her in-laws’ house. He says Tulsa’s MIL is evil and describes whole incident till he leaves Tulsa in jungle. Parvati asks why did he leave Tulsa in jungle. He asks what could do after she gave ultimatum to choose between family and Tulsa, he left Tulsa under god’s protection.

Pari walks to Sai and says she needs money. He asks if she wants to free birds again. She says it is for something else. Sai says he does not have money. Pari says he can do anything with magic. He asks how much money she needs. She counts. Her father comes calling her. She hides behind Sai. He says he can see her slipper and her hiding behind Sai and tells Sai her mother is worried for her. Pari asks howmuch he earns. He scolds why does she want to know. Sai says children’s doubts should be cleared for their mental growth, so he should be patient and answer. Father says 50 p per day, why she wants to know. She asks if he can lend her 50 p. He says it is too much, why she wants them. Sai asks to give it to her and see what she will do. Father gives her 50 p and says he is giving on Sai’s order, what will she do with so much money. She returns it to him and says it is his tomorrow’s earning, he should spend time with her tomorrow instead of going to work, he goes to work before she wakes up and returns when she is asleep, he used to take her to market and feed her tasty sweets, but now he does not have time for her. He says whatever he is doing is for his daughter’s future and is working hard to gather gold for her marriage. Sai says they both are right and suggests to dorn a ring in Pari’s finger so that Pari can remember him. He says he will right now. Sai warns to put ring once once without measurement. He accepts, searches ring and tries to fix a ring, but it is too small. Sai smiles.

Kaveri goes to meet Bayaza and seeing Tulsa informs she is Mhalsapati’s sister.

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