Mere Sai 20th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganpath’s Singing With Healing Power

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Mere Sai 20th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpath goes to Kulkarni’s house to take ledger book and says he came to take complete ledger as his servant gave only half ledge, so he should send it via servant later. Kulkarni agrees. Santa angrily says he will smash hawaldar. Kulkarni warns him not to think of that as Ganpath is deputy collector Chandorkar’s special aide, so he will plan something to punish Ganpath.

Daya walks to Dwarkamayi. Sai greets her and says he was waiting for her. She asks Sai how he knows her, she never met him. Sai says we all have met sometime ago. Daya asks if he knows so much then he knows why she came here. Sai says her husband is a good singer. Daya says she wants her husband to be remembered as policeman and not singer as singing career will not get him money to run the house, but police job will and he can serve people with it, people even bring their problems to her as she is a policeman’s wife. Sai asks what she wants him to do. She asks him to tell her husband not to sing again and she knows he will listen to Sai. Sai asks her to get curd from Ranoji’s house. Daya agrees and leaves. Sai smiles.

Daya reaches Ranoji’s house and borrows curd for Sai baba. Ganpath also reaches home and thinks he will write a song till Santa delivers ledger. Ranoji reaches Ganpath and requests him to come along as his neighbor brothers are fighting with each other regarding financial issue. Ganapth says he would have taken Sai baba’s help. Ranoji says since its a legal issue, he thought of taking Ganpath’s help. Ganpath accompanies him. Ranoji’s neighbor brothers fight with each other alleging each other for stealing money from family locker. Father reaches house and seeing them fighting rushes to them, but slips and fall son a stone and injures his forehead. Sons rush to him and seek help. Ganpath asks someone to call Sai baba. Daya also reaches there. Ganpath seeing old man in severe pain reminisces Sai telling he should do whatever he finds peace in. He starts singing and old man forgets his pain. Sai reaches there and asks how is he. Man says he forgot pain when hawaldar saheb was singing. Sai asks someone to get curd. Daya hands over curd to someone and leaves for home. Sai smiles and asks brothers why they were fighting. Brothers allege each other of stealing money from safe. Father says he took money as they travel a lot without shoes, so he bought shoes for them from city. Sons apologize father. Sai asks if even any one of them had stolen money, is money so important than brotherhood. They apologize again and promise to never fight.

Ganpath returns home thinking of completing Ishwar stuti when a man requests him to help find his cow’s calf. Ganpath helps him and returns home. Many people come seeking help till night. At night, Ganpath walks to Daya and apologizes her for disappointing her and promises to never sing again. Emotinal Daya apologizes for hurting his feelings and permits him to sing.

Precap: Ganpath’s relative buy vegetables from market and doesn’t pay boasting he is Ganpath’s cobrother. Kulkarni notices it.

Update Credit to: MA

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