Mere Sai 20th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sahdev’s Family Finds Out About His Kleptomania

Mere Sai 20th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav realizes that his BIL Sahdev is a thief and stole family goods and did not even spare Sai’s items. Bhama shatters hearing that and says her brother steals Sai’s items. Madhav forcefully takes him to Sai. On the other side, Kulkarni returns home tightly holding a box, takes clerk in and closes door. Anta Panta discuss what is in box that sarkar took clerk in. Kulkarni shows currency note to clerk. Clerk says he thought he will show some precious stone.

Madhav and Bhama take Sahdev to Sai and complain that he stole things. Sai says Sahdev is suffering from kleptomania and steals helplessly, but does not use things; if family supports Sahdev with their love, Sahdev’s illness will be cured. Sahdev says he craved to steal a beautiful thing today, but he used Sai’s suggestion and his cravings faded away. Sai says Sahdev needs time to cure himself.

Kulkarni tells clerk it is British government’s 1 Rs currency note and future money. Clerk looks surprised and asks who will believe it is money. Kulkarni says he will demonstrate and opens door. Anta Panta who are listening standing near door fall down. Kulkarni crimples currency, throws it on ground and says whoever gets it will get 10 rs as reward. All 3 fight to get currency note. Finally, Anta overpowers 2 and gives currency to Kulkarni. Kulkarni says whoever has power will decide what is important, they can turn stone into diamond and diamond into stone, he proved 1 rs note is worth 10 rs. Anta asks where is his 10 rs reward. Kulkarni slaps him and says he decided his 1 slap equals 10 rs. Panta and clerk laugh while Anta stands sadly. Panta asks what is that colorful paper.

Sai gets ready to go on begging. Pari and Udhav insist to join him and follow Sai. Sai reaches Ram’s house and asks charity. Ram gives him grains and says he is busy in his daughter’s wedding arrangements. Daughter says she is happy as her father gave whatever she wanted and even selected the best match for her. Ram asks Pari and Udhav to help his daughter get henna leaaves to grind them for rituals while he gets his money and jewelry with Kulkarni. Sai gets tensed hearing that.

Precap: Kulkarni gives fake jewelry to Ram and throws him out of his house.
Ram shows it to Sai who says it is fake. Ram cries he does not have jewelry or money for his daughter’s wedding.

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