Mere Sai 20th May 2019 Written Episode Update: The boy saves Kamla from Tiger

Mere Sai 20th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the villager resident thinking if the bird doesn’t go from near his tree then he will ask Sai to take bird and its eggs to Dwarka Maai. Later the man’s wife makes her son asleep. The man is sitting outside the house and lie down to take a quick nap. The boy wakes up and sees laddoo kept near the inhouse temple. He tries to get it, but finds it hard to take. He keeps cloth bag and stands on it to get the laddoo. The bird sees the oil diya about to fall on the boy and chirps, but the man sleeping outside gets irritated and sleeps again. The bird comes to Sai and chirps. Sai walks fast to the man’s house. The boy tries to take laddoo and the diya falls…Sai comes with the man and stops the diya in air. Man’s wife wakes up now and is shocked. Sai holds the diya in his hand. Mera Sai plays…Sai keeps the diya back to its place. Man thanks Sai and says if this baati fell on the clothes then his house might be burnt. He asks Sai, how he came to know about it. Sai comes out and tells that you had taken this bird’s nest, but then also it tried to alert you that your son is in danger, but you didn’t understand. He says this bird came to me and alerted me about this danger. He says if this bird is like humans then would have taken revenge and see the happenings silently, and let your house burn. He makes the man realize that he is guilty and says this is the difference between human and animals/birds. He asks if you still have problem with this bird. The man apologizes to the bird for his behavior and also with Sai. He tells that he was wrong and promises Sai to take care of bird. He says not only this, I will take care of all birds and animals. He says I have understood that they are our friends and they help us. He thanks Sai for opening his eyes. Sai blesses them and smiles.

Champa tells the story of Shri Krishna and Kaliya snake to the boy. The boy questions her about the snake. Champa tells that Shri Krishna was brave and came out of water by standing on the snake. She tells that those who eat at proper time and eat properly are brave and healthy. Kamla thinks don’t know whose sin is he and thinks to take him to other villager in night. Sai looks at the moon and closes his eyes. Kamla wakes up in night and looks at her husband who is sleeping. She comes to the boy and takes him outside while he is sleeping. She thinks he is very heavy. She feels thirsty as she reaches jungle, keeps him down being thirsty and thinks to drink water. Just then tiger comes there and roars. Kamla gets afraid and closes her eyes. Sai is sitting in Dwarka Maai and asks boy to wake up. The boy wakes up from sleep and comes to the tiger. He tells Tiger that she is his Aaji and asks him not to do anything to her. Kamla asks the boy to come to her. The boy tells her about Champa telling him the story of kaliya snake, and asks tiger to go from there. Sai appears there, visible to the boy and the tiger. The tiger sits down calmly. The boy sits near tiger and thanks it. Sai plays…..The boy comes to Kamla and asks he became brave and asked tiger to go, so he went. He asks how did we come here? Kamla asks him to come home. He asks where. Kamla says our home. Boy looks at Sai and smiles.

Kamla brings the boy back to home and makes him sleep beside Champa. The boy fell asleep holding her pallu. She cares for him and thinks she can’t love him even in her dream. She comes to her room and recalls her encounter with the tiger. In the morning, Kamla tells Saraswati about the tiger. Saraswati says it might be cat or something. The boy tells Champa and Bhairu about the tiger. Kamla tells Saraswati that strange things happening with her, and thinks something is unusual with the boy. She comes home. Boy asks Kamla to give him the water pot. Kamla says it is heavy. The boy says I know you are very tired. He looks in the water and sees Sai. Sai also sees boy in the water.

Keshav, Pari and Uddham come to Sai. They talk about the kite, stick, thread and the paper. Sai tells that thread, paper, stick are equally important in kite. He says one shall make his own efforts. He makes the kite and gives to them. They get happy. Sai plays….

Precap: The boy sees the kite and tells Kamla that he wants it. He runs. Kamla follows him. Sai senses the danger.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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