Mere Sai 20th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Solves Eknath’s Financial Problem

Mere Sai 20th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath prepares toran/garland. Jhipri praises him saying he told it needs 2 people, but he prepared it alone. Nirmala says she did not now he can prepare such a beautiful toran. Jhipri asks where to fix it. Sai says at the main door. Pratap walks in and seeing toran asks who made such a beautiful toran. Jhipri says Eknath kaka. Pratap says today is his daughter’s marriage and if he had known beforehand, he would have asked Eknath to prepare one toran for him also. Sai says it is for him itself, he called him here to give this toran. Pratap happily asks is it and pays money to Eknath. Eknath looks at Sai. Sai suggests him not to hesitate to accept his hard earned money. Eknath gives money to Jhipri as he brought flowers, etc. Jhipri says she brought flowers from Lendi baugh where Sai cultivates flowers and she just obeyed Sai, so it is Eknath’s money. Eknath asks Sai how can he keep it. Sai looks at Nirmala and asks if she will prepare motichur laddoo now. She asks if he did all this so that they could get money for laddoo. Eknath remembers Sai suggesting him to use his garland making talent and it may help him in his future. He says he understood everything, he was wandering searching job and Sai showed him way to earn money loyally. Sai says if he had not informed him, someone else would have.

Shantaram informs Usha that a rat army infiltrated his godown and spoilt all the grains, now he needs lots of time to sort them out. Usha asks him not to get tensed and to hire labors. He says he paid his debt with all his savings, he does not have anything left now and he does not know what to do.

Eknath and Nirmala prepare motichur laddoos. Anand returns from school and gets very happy seeing laddoos. Nirmala feeds him laddoo. He says today laddoo is very tasty. Eknath says thatg is because he helped aaji. Anand feeds laddoos to Sai, Nirmala and Eknath and they feed him. Nirmala asks Ananand which sweet will he have tomorrow. He says Varan bhath. Eknath asks him to go home now and tells Nirmala that he is sure now that until Sai is there, they won’t get any problems and he can lead peaceful life selling garlands and toran. He happily sells garlands outside temple and earns money. On the other side, Shantaram tells Usha that he does not have any money and needs to pay sait Gangaram as 15 days have passed. Gangaram knocks door, but they don’t open door. A few more days pass. Shantaram and Usha return home from market when they see their 2 neighbor ladies waiting for them who ask Usha where is she since so many days, she is not getting out of house, if she forgot them. Ganagram enters shouting they forgot even him and is trying to escape from him. He asks Shantaram why did not he pay his loan installment after 15 days and is avoiding him since many days, and if he does not give installment tomorrow, he will sell his belongings starting from kitchen items. Shantaram walks away. Sai walks to neighbor house begging. Two women see him and offer him grocery. Usha also gets grocery, but Sai ignores her and walks away. Women taunt Usha that she did some big sin, so Sai did not accept her charity. Usha warns them to be in their limits. They say when she kicked out her in-laws and did not spare them, why will she spare us. They lend a nice ear to Usha and walk away, leaving her fuming.

Shantaram returns home and says he could not sell even a single grain bag today. Anand returns home. Usha gives him food. He thinks he ate nicely at Aaji’s place and cannot have it anymore, s says he is not hungry. Usha yells he is not eating and sleeping properly after Nirmala left and forcefeeds him. Her and Shantaram’s argument start next and they both allege each other for their poor financial situation.

Eknath gets ready for market. Sai suggests him to go to another market today. Eknath says he usually buys flowers from one market. Sai says sometimes we get desired things in other market. Nirmala says Ekanth even she will accompany as he does not know to bargain. Sai smiles. Jhipri asks Sai why did not he accept charity from Usha, if he does not like her after she kicked out her in-laws from her house. Sai smilingly says no and there is a surprise waiting ahead.

Precap: Eknath and Nirmala see Shantaram pleading his friend for loan and ask Sai if he can help Shantaram. Sai says help may come here in any form.

Update Credit to: MA

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