Mere Sai 20th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Chakranarayan recognizes Sai’s mahima

Mere Sai 20th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chakranarayan reaches Dwarkamai with his men. Villagers have gathered there already. Sai asks him how come he is here today. Chakranarayan shows the search warrant to Sai. It is time to bring out the truth!

She nods. I don’t know why but I feel I must go there. He asks her how she will go there in this condition. She shares that she saw Sai in dream. I have got strength to walk somehow. You should come too. Gangaram agrees. I must go too. I wont spare Him

Nanasaheb tells Chakranarayan he is crossing his limits. You cannot torture an innocent person like this. I am aware of law too. No one can bother someone without a valid reason. Chakranarayan says I have a reason. I have seen your Sai distribute money to His devotees. He vouches that He never takes money from anyone so how does He have money in the first place? He surely has been keeping money illegally. Srikant says Sai never does anything wrong. It is His miracle. Chakranarayan refuses to believe in it. I will prove the truth by searching Sai. Villagers oppose the idea but Chakranarayan points out that the policemen here will be forced to take action if anyone will try to meddle in this matter.

Gangaram asks his daughter why she wants to go in this condition. She tells him that she is feeling better now. Raghav gives credit to Sai. He takes away everyone’s pain who decides to go to Him. Her condition is becoming better since she has made this decision. Gangaram is still not ready to believe it.

Baizama begins to tell the truth but Sai tells her to let Chakranarayan search. Villagers refuse to let it happen. Sai tells everyone to remain calm. No one will do anything. Those who are wrong feel afraid. I followed Ram ji’s wish. Whatever happens next will be as per His wish too!

Chakranarayan starts searching Sai. Sai tells him to search Him thoroughly. Chakranarayan tells Sai not to teach him his job. He touches Sai’s feet in the process. He does not find anything which puzzles him.

Raghav reassures his mother she will be fine soon. Kutubai says I might feel strong physically but my mind is still not at ease. I will be at peace after reaching Dwarkamai only.

Chakranarayan says someone might have informed Him beforehand. Nanasaheb denies. We were with Him all the time. Chakranarayan rues that he cannot even blame anyone. It is my bad time probably which is why I am unable to prove the truth. Srikanth and Patil Sahab say that there are many versions of truth. Maybe you don’t want to see it. You have tried so many times but have failed every single time. Chakranarayan says I have nothing to prove otherwise so I would only say that your Sai is very lucky. He turns to go but Sai stops him. Ram ji does not want anyone to go back empty handed from Dwarkamai. You touched my feet even if it was on the pretext of searching this place. It is my duty to bless you then. He gives him some coins as His blessing. Everyone looks at Sai in surprise including Chakranarayan. He looks at Sai’s pocket and recalls checking it himself earlier. It was empty. How is this possible? Nanasaheb says I told you that He is not an ordinary guy. Baizama adds that he is God. Where else will be Lakshmi if not with God? He is Kuber’s Kosh. He does not need another treasure to distribute money. Villagers smile.

Chakranarayan is at a loss of words. I cannot understand what I should make out of this. This is too much! I really don’t understand what happened just now. These coins! He looks at Sai who is looking at him peacefully. Chakranarayan asks Him if everyone has been right about Him. Does God reside in you? I saw God on earth yet I couldn’t recognize Him. I kept insulting Him. Sai touches his shoulder. Why are you feeling guilty? You dint do anything wrong. You were doing your duty. You set an example of righteousness and dutifulness. I respect you for it. I always say that love and fear shouldn’t come in the way of duty. You have proved it and set an example. You have proved yourself to be an ideal person in all the terms. Chakranarayan says I insulted you so much yet you are speaking so positively about me. You cannot be an ordinary human being. It was my arrogance because of which I couldn’t recognize you. Forget about the world, I dint even pay heed to my mother. I should have understood. He folds his hands with reverence and says Sai. I wish I could understand earlier. Things wouldn’t have gotten out of hand otherwise. Sai says I was telling Nana that nothing happens without any reason. There must be a reason if things have come to this.

Raghav, Kutubai and Gangaram reach there just then. They look at Chakranarayan and vice versa.

Precap: Kutubai looks at Sai teary eyed. Sai says you are upset with me as I couldn’t come to see you at home. I don’t have your medicine. It is here. He points at Chakranarayan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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