Mere Sai 20th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Shows His Guruji’s Samadhi

Mere Sai 20th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai’s guruji gives him jewelry to use it until he grows up. Sai says when he didn’t benefit from wealth, how can he, he always lead a peaceful life without wealth, and if he has to give something, he can give brick with which he was hit. Guruji asks what will he do with brick. Sai says its a sign of connection between them and the respect they maintain, etc. Guruji gives him brick and says this will protect him whole life. Sai asks Guruji if he will not accompany him. Guruji says it is time for him to take samadhi/leave this body. He hugs Sai and says his life will be inspiration for others and he will guide people with his gyaan. Sai touches Guruji’s feet and leaves. Out of flashback, Sai says he felt very bad separating from Guruji, but then realized that he was not alone and Guruji’s blessings are with him always; he wandered from place to place and settled in Shirdi as his Guruji’s Samadhi here; here he found a mother in Baizaa maa, Lakshmi, Mhalsapati who gave him name Sai, and he got them all; even if he wants to leave, he cannot. Lakshmi says they will not let him go anywhere. Sai says how can he go away from Shirdi where he has them all and his Guruji’s Samadhi.

Gajraj apologizes Sai for trying to steal his brick. Sai says he did it unknowingly, so he doesn’t have to apologize. Lakshmi says they will not let him go anywhere from here. Sai says he will not go even in life and after life. Mhalsapati pleads not to say that. Sai says until his Guru’s blessings are on him, nothing will happen to him. Disciples ask Sai to take them to his guruji’s samadhi. Sai takes them under a tree and imagines his Guruji blessing him and disappearing. Lakshmi thanks him. Sai chants faith and patience.

Back to Dwarkamayi, Ranoji asks Sai how to realize extremes of faith. Sai says when one submits himself/herself completely and realize there is nothing left in life for him/her, then one reaches extremes of faith. He then starts a mythological story where Baizaa maa and others question and explains the meaning of story.

Precap: Sai announces this year’s janmastami will be celebrated in Dwarkamayi, who knows they meet a biggest disciple. A man pleads god to let him show his faith.

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