Mere Sai 19th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshav Confronts Kulkarni

Mere Sai 19th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai confronts liquor seller for spoiling people’s lives. Seller says he works hard in this business and gets lots of profit. Sai asks for his benefit and his son’s better future, will he spoil other’s lives, what about their children? Liquor seller apologizes Sai and takes oath to shut liquor shop and open masala milk stall instead. Sai asks Keshav to return home. Keshav returns home. Kulkarni stands angrily staring him. He ignores Kulkarni, walks to Rukmini and takes her oath to stop liquor and all bad deeds. Rukmini emotionally hugs him. Kulkarni says if he has changed, he can stay in his house. Keshav says Rukmini that he is hungry and asks to prepare pooran poli for him. Kulkarni tries to speak to him, but he walks to his room.

Sai with Jhipri Lakshmi lights

lamps in Dwarkamayi. Lakhsmi tells Keshav spoilt as he went to London. Sai says parents work hard for children and send them away for their better future, but children in greed of luxuries take a wrong path.

Keshav takes out his gramophone from trunk and refixes it. He plays record. Om Sai…is played in the background. He sees his favorite stone in box and reminisces throwing it away, then thinks how did it come here. He sees Sai’s face in it and realizes it is Sai’s magic. He reminisces time spent with Sai in childhood. He then takes gramophone to living room. Kulkarni asks what is he doing with gramophone. Keshav says Sai had broken gramophone, then who fixed it. Kulkarni says he got it fixed. Keshav says he had broken it and is the culprit, not Sai. Kulkarni warns him not to meet Sai. Keshav confronts and says he is not a kid now, will meet Sai and if Kulkarni does not permit him, he will go and stay with Sai in Dwarkamayi. Kulkarni stands fuming.

Next morning, Kulkarni gets ready to go out and hurriedly sits in palanquin. Palanquin carrier sneezes. Kulkarni yells and shouts at him that he is inauspicious/abshaguni. Carrier says he will go and wash face. Sai reaches and shows water too him. Kulkarni angrily throws water and yells trickster is trying to trick again, he warned not to come near his workers, but he is trying to brainwash his workers and his son against him. Sai says Kulkarni is trying to live a false life and is blindfolded in his supergo. Kulkarni laughs saying as if he Sai is god and he is disciple. Sai says if he cleans his heart, he will see god in everyone, now he should go as he has a long way to go. Kulkarni angrily sits on palanquin and leaves..

Precap: Ranoji oil massages Sai’s feet boasting about himself, he then is shocked to see oil disappearing.

Update Credit to: MA

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