Mere Sai 19th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Champa’s Father Confesses His Crime

Mere Sai 19th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

A traveler with his wife brings his baby to Dwarkamayi and tells Sai that his baby is continuously crying. Sai suggests to rest inn Dwarkamayi for sometime. Traveler agrees. Jhipri says this man agreed so calmly, but Ganpat Rao is so arrogant. Baby continues crying. Mother asks if his son is ill. Sai ties cradle and asks to give baby to him.

Ganpat Rao reaches Kulkarni’s house and asks why did he call him again. Kulkarni acts and says he forgot his name…Ganpat..and showing ill Govinda sleeping on Rukmini’s lap says his nephew is ill and should rest, so Ganpat Rao should sing lubbaby. Ganpat Rao shouts he is an artist. Kulkarni reminds that he is his slave and should obey him. Ganpat Rao continues arguing. Rukmini thinks how will Govinda sleep in so much sound. Sai

senses their argument far away in Dwarkamayi and plays flute/bansuri. Baby sleeps. Govinda hears bansuri and tells Rukmini it is very melodious. Rukmini says she cannot hear anything. Govinda falls asleep. Ganpat Rao asks if he can go now. Kulkarni says only for 2 hours as his friends are coming and Ganpat Rao has to sing and entertain them.

Post one week, Champa tells her mother that it is already more than 1 week that Ganpat Rao showed drama, just before drama starts, Anta and Panta come and take Ganpat Rao to Kulkarni; she had heard in childhood that Kulkarni is bad man and found out today. Ravi Das thinks Champa does not know that he is the main culprit. He gets chest pain and shouts. His wife and Champa take him to Sai and request Sai to treat him. Champa asks if her father’s illness is not treatable. Sai says he does not have treatment for Ravi das and only he has solution himself, asks Ravi Das to speak. Ravi Das’ wife cries and says she is the reason for all this. Ravi das says he did not have any other option and had to do that due to Kulkarni’s mounting pressure, else Kulkarni would have kicked them out of their house. He describes whole incident from Kulkarni ordering to stop Champa from acting till now. Champa confronts father how can he do that to a good man like Ganpat Rao, Ganpat Rao never considered them of low caste and left them stay in his drama tent, she is ashamed of her parents. Sai says they cannot do wrong in lieu of helplessness, whatever they did they cannot reverse, but can tell truth to Ganpat Rao.

Precap: Ganpat Rao consumes poison and collapses spitting froth from his mouth. Sai reaches for his help.

Update Credit to: MA

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