Mere Sai 19th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Shyamlal

Mere Sai 19th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

An injured man Shyamlal meets Sai and asks Sai to help him heal soon as he wants to return to his job soon. Sai reminisces Shyamlal’s son Lalith telling Sai that his father does not remember his name at all as he goes to work early morning and returns home when he is asleep. Sai asks Shyamlal to follow him and help him walk. Son says it is a pleasant environment today and let us fly kite. Father says they will once his leg heals. Sai asks son to prepare kite and takes father towards honeybee on tree and asks what can he see. Shyamlal asks if he needs to have honey. Sai asks again what he can see. Shyamlal says honeybees. Sai extends his hand, and honeybee sits on his hand. Shyamlal says honeybee may sting him. Sai explains the duty and importance of honeybee in maintaining nature’s balance.

Santa hands over accounts ledger to Ganpath and asks him to check if accountant has made any more irregularities. Ganpath asks him old accounts ledger. Santa gets tensed and asks why he needs old ones. Ganpath says he is sure Kulkarni must have kept them safely and to bring them. Santa walks away nervously. Ganpath’s wife Daya reaches Shirdi and asks a man where Ganpath stays. Man shows her direction. She walks towards home and gets angry seeing Ganpath working while humming song and people watching him. She locks door and scolds him to stop singing at least now and study for his exam, she knew he wouldn’t study and waste time in singing, so she came here.

Sai tells man that he works for long hours to get some extra income, travels late at night without lantern and injured his leg, the stone which injured him wanted to warn him to calm down and understand his duty towards his son. Shyamlal says he is working hard to get cycle for his son as it was his wish. Lalith hearing that says he will borrow cycle from Raja whenever he wants to, but he wants his father to return home on time like other fathers and spend time with him. Shyamlal says he didn’t know his presence matters to his son so much and helps son fly kite. Kite gets stuck in a tree. Lalith tries to pick it back. Sai asks Shyamlal to go and help his son. Shyamlal says he cannot with his injured leg. Sai asks him to try. Shyamlal climbs chair with great difficulty and realizes his leg has healed. Sai says its purpose is fulfilled. Shyamlal picks kite and flies it with Lalith happily.

Daya goes to market, buys vegetables, and asks vendor about pottery shop. Vendor says it is 2 shops away and says he will deliver her vegetables home as they are heavy. She agrees. He asks addresses and hearing she is Ganpath’s wife praises Ganpath and says she is lucky to marry Ganpath. Parvathi with her friends hear that and she also praises Ganpath. Daya thinks Ganpath helped Shirdi people with his hard work, but she scolded him unnecessarily. Parvathi praises Ganpath’s singing skills and says Sai called him here, so he had already made arrangements to greet him. Daya says Chandorkar brought Ganpath here. Parvathi says it is all Sai’s leela. Daya gets angry hearing that.

Precap: Ganapth asks Santa to bring complete ledger as he gave only half. Santa fumes in front of Kulkarni and says he will smash hawaldar. Kulkarni says Ganpath says deputy collector Chandorkar’s favorite and he will find some other way.

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