Mere Sai 19th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Unique Way to Help Eknath

Mere Sai 19th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

At night, Eknath sees Nirmala still awake and asks her to sleep. She says how can she as Anand must be awake and will not sleep without hearing her lullaby. Anand does not get sleep without Aaji’s lullaby, walks out and sleeps on Eknath’s cot. Sai asks Nirmala to sing lullaby here so that Anand can hear there. Nirmala asks is it possible. He nods and plays bansuri. She plays lullaby which Ananand hears and falls asleep. Nirmala’s soul pampers him. Sai continues playing bansuri and signals Nirmala to loook at fire, she sees Anand’s image in fire and smiles. Sai smiles seeing her smiling. Early morning, Sai tells Eknath that he is going for begging and if someone needy comes asks them to wait for him. Eknath agrees, and Sai leaves. Eknath then sees Nirmala in thoughts and asks what is she thinking. She says she promised to prepare laddoos for Anand, how will she without any money or grocery. Eknath says he is worried how will they spend their rest of life. She asks if they will spend rest of their life begging. He says he will go to market and find some job and walks away.

Shantaram returns home and happily informs Usha that he repaid all his loan and is almost debt-free. She congratulates him. He says he will finish his accounts. After finishing accounts, he gets worried that if he did right or not. Usha as usual brainwashes him against his father that his father forced him to think that he is useless, it is not his fault but his father’s, now he should prove his value using his talent. After sometime, Shantaram’s employee informs that rats have infiltrated his godown and spoilt all grains. Usha asks god why he is giving them trouble.

Sai goes to a house begging at Pratap’s house who happily gives him food and says today is his daughter’s wedding, so if Sai can bless her. Sai agrees. He calls daughter who greets Sai. Sai blesses her and asks her if she can come to Dwarkamayi after sometime. She agrees. Pratap thinks Sai’s ways are unique. Sai then meets Jhipri and asks her to get lots of flowers to make big toran/garland to fix it in Dwarkamayi. Eknath searches job and asks a grocer to give him some job. Grocer says he does not have suitable job for him and has only labor work, which does not suit his age. Eknath says it is better to do labor work than begging. Man asks him to lift heavy grocery bags and keep them in his shop. Eknath tries to lift bag repeatedly, but fails. Grocer says it is not possible for him at this age and offers him money saying it is not loan or charity, but a gift for him. Eknath thanks him and says he will not take money which he did not earn. He walks toward Darkamayi thinking how will he buy grocery to prepare laddoos. He returns to Dwarkamayi sadly. Sai asks him not to be sad as he is a honest man and never did anything wrong, so god will help him. Jhipri brings flowers. Sai asks him to prepare toran. She says she does not know to prepare it. Eknath says he will help her as he has helped many of his friends prepare toran during their festivals. He says it is difficult to prepare big toran without help, but prepares it alone. Nirmala praises that she did not know he prepares such a beautiful toran. Jhipri also praises and asks Sai where to fix it.

Precap: Eknath asks Sai why he told Jhipri that toran is for Dwarkamayi and then told Pratap it is for his house. Sai asks Nirmala if she will prepare laddoos now.

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