Mere Sai 18th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Enlightens Keshav And Shows Him Right Path

Mere Sai 18th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai changes liquor into milk with his magic and drinks with Govinda and Tatya. Keshav pleads not to drink as he is old and Govinda is very small. Sai says he is a wanderer and is not worried about his reputation. Govinda says liquor is very tasty, he will drink more. Keshav slaps him and says he does not want his younger brother to spoil.

Keshav continues confronting Sai and says his condition is because of Sai, his father threw a 10-year-old kid into cart and sent him away saying everything will be good, his father always frighened him to succeed and he was afraid of failure, he is just a means of pride for his father. Sai asks what about his mother, she loves him a lot. Keshav says his mother does not utter at all and whenever he used to cry, she used to shut his mouth with puran poli, he hates his mother’s silence and puran poli. He continues that he doe snot want his younger brother to follow his path and wants him to lead a happy life he desired.

Keshav alleges Sai that because of him, his friends got away from him, he showered his blessings till he was disciple and considered him god, then he spoilt his life. Tatya gets angry, but Sai stopst him and asks Keshav to vent out all his anger against him. Keshav says Sai made his friends hate him and reminisces all the incidents. Sai walks to him smiling and keeps his hand on his head. Keshav sees all the childhood incidents where Kulkarni plots against and makes Keshav believe it and hate Sai. He sees events till now and feels guilty. He apologizes Sai for misunderstanding him and asks Tatya to forgive him. Tatya says they are friends and hugs him. Keshav gets happy reconciling with his friends.

Precap: Kulkarni’s palqnquin lifter sneezes while lifting it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Its an awesome episode! I like the way sai showed Keshav his whole childhood to him by his magic hand! And Keshav realizes his mistake!

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