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Sai says our good karmas surely come back to us sooner or later! He blesses everyone as He ends the pravachan. Everyone leaves except Baizama, Madhav, Keshav and Vishnu. Vishnu walks up to Sai and breaks down. Sai tells him to remember today’s story well. One reaps the rewards of their labour sooner or later. It all depends on the nature of karma.

Lightning strikes. Sai says it seems as if a storm is about to come. He advises Vishnu to go now. Vishnu folds his hands. Where should I go? Sai advises him to go to the dharamshala. There is place there. Madhav offers him to stay at his place but Sai insists that Vishnu must go to dharamshala. Vishnu agrees. He turns to go. Sai told me to leave as well. I have lost my last hope. What am I being tested for? Baizama asks Sai why He asked Vishnu ji to go in this situation. Sai tells her that He is hungry. I want to eat food. She nods. I will make it. Sai tells her that He will cook today. Madhav says Sai gives up on food when anything happens to anyone. He is cooking today when so much has happened with Vishnu ji? Baizama says I also want to see the reason why Sai is doing this. Sai smiles.

Anusuya asks Gautam to eat but he is worried for Vishnu. He asks his father to look for his Azoba as the weather is bad outside. Mohan tells him that he has gone out for a few weeks. Gautam asks him how it could be when he always tells him before going anywhere. Anusuya says it must be an important work. Gautam reasons that they don’t eat or sleep without each other. I am worried for him. What if he is in some problem? Mohan loses his cool and tells Gautam to get used to the idea of living without his Azoba. Gautam argues. Anusuya intervenes. Gautam calls Mohan a bad father. He runs outside to look for Vishnu. Anusuya and Mohan run after him so as to stop him.

Sai is packing food in boxes. Baizama asks Him where He is taking it to. Sai replies that He is going to dharamshala. Vishnu must be hungry. Keshav offers to go instead. Weather is taking a turn for worse which worries Baizama. Sai says nothing happens suddenly. Nature reacts immediately when something bad happens to a nice person. Maybe the weather must change so people can change their mindset. She asks Him why He sent Vishnu there when He is so concerned for him. He could have stayed here or are at my place. Sai reasons that Vishnu deserves his right. He doesn’t need help or a favour. He can get his right by staying outside only. This food is made with the same grains that Vishnu had donated. He had told me to give them to the needy. He is the one who needs it the most today. I am going to fulfil my duty. Sai leaves.

Vishnu drapes a shawl around himself and sits on the mat. He breaks down.

It starts raining. He meets Gautam who asks Sai if He seen his Azoba. Where is he? Sai tells him that he is going to see him only. Gautam wants to come as well but Sai reasons that he must be at home right now. Gautam asks about Vishnu. Sai asks him what’s more important for him. Do you want to meet him now or do you want him to come home for forever? Gautam nods. Sai tells him to head home. Your Azoba will come home for forever soon. Gautam smiles. Really? Sai nods. Do one thing for me.

A man asks Sai where He is going at this hour.

Vishnu notice s man shivering because of the cold. He covers that person with his shawl. He looks at the door and is surprised to see Sai. Sai looks at the man and smiles. It feels good to see that humanity is still alive inside you after all that has happened. Vishnu says that’s all that’s left with me. No one can snatch it from me. Why have you come here for me in this condition? Sai says you helped him without thinking about yourself. It is my duty too. I have brought food for you. Vishnu asks Him if He saw everything. Sai starts serving him food. Vishnu becomes emotional. My grandson has fed me the first bite since last 8 years. I wont be able to eat without him. Sai shares that Gautam has touched the food and I have touched it too. Wont you eat it? Vishnu agrees. How is my Gautam?

Anusuya and Mohan return home but Gautam isn’t home yet. They begin to worry but Gautam returns just then. Anusuya asks him where he was. Gautam shares that he got lost. Sai has sent me home with someone. She realizes that he has high temperature. Mohan asks Gautam why he dint stop. I told you not to go. She tells him to let him be. He isn’t well. She takes him inside. Mohan wonders how to explain to him. I am doing everything for his sake only.

Sai tells Vishnu that Gautam is missing him just as much. Vishnu nods. I believe that things will change for good like you say. I even look down while walking to even avoid killing an ant. Why am I alone today then? Sai asks him who said that he is alone. Look outside. Vishnu glances outside. Many villagers walk up till the door.

Flashback shows Sai telling that man about Vishnu. He shares that he I is indebted to Vishnu as they were able to stand on their feet because of him only. The other man nods. Let us do something for him now. Sai tells one man to take Gautam home and asks the other man to reach dharamshala asap. Flashback ends.

Pandurang tells Vishnu he has been unjust with them. You dint consider us as your own. We have a roof over our head today because of you. You have at least 20 homes in this village as they have been built with your efforts and money. Come with me. You shouldn’t live here. Every villager asks Vishnu to come to their house as well. Vishnu is overwhelmed. Sai tells him that he said that he has nothing except his goodness. It is true but are you not the richest man of Shirdi? Vishnu thanks everyone with folded hands. I don’t want to cause you any trouble though. Sai takes Gautam outside and points at the collected water. Vishnu saves the ant from drowning in water. Sai asks him what he has learnt from it. Vishnu says it stepped on the stick as soon as I extended it. Sai explains that helping someone and accepting that help at the right time are equally important. Vishnu thanks every villager once again. Pandurang tells him that one doesn’t need to fold hands in front of his family. Come home with me. Sai smiles. You will reap rewards if you do good!

Gautam keeps murmuring Azoba in his sleep. Anusuya suggests taking him to Sarkar but he is not in town. Mohan is against the idea of going to Sai as He will end up lecturing them instead. She says I think we did the wrong think by throwing Baba out of the house. Gautam’s condition will worsen this way. He tells her not to start lecturing now. We will do something. Gautam’s situation worsens. Anusuya panics. Mohan rues that it is raining so badly that he cannot even see anything outside. How do I go out now?

Precap: Sai asks Vishnu to come with Him to a temple in Neemgaon. A man comes to Pandurang’s house looking for Vishnu. Pandurang tells him that Vishnu has gone to a temple in Neemgaon with Sai. The man tells Pandurang that a part of Vishnu Kaka’s house fell yester night in the rain. Pandurang is shocked.

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