Mere Sai 18th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai Takes Eknath And Nirmala To Dwarkamayi

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Mere Sai 18th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Eknath slips and falls while leaving Shantaram’s house. Sai holds him and says let us go to Dwarkamayi. He picks Eknath’s trunk and takes him and Nirmala towards Dwarkamayi. Anand insists to meet his azoba and aaji, Usha denies. Shantaram frightens him to go inside. He runs to room and cries loudly. Shantaram does not find his parents in lawn and thinks baba had already decided to leave house and found another place to stay, else he would not have gone; if baba does not care, why would he. Sai takes them to Dwarkamayi and offers them food. Nirmala says Sai told everything will be alright, but they lost everything. Sai asks what did they lose. Eknath says he returned home after retirement to lead a peaceful life with family, but his son alleged him as thief and kicked him out of house, he did not even bother to let his mother stay. Sai sees bird and asks Jhipri to get some grains, then feeds grains to bird. He informs that bird is very happy today as she is becoming mother. Eknath says even she will repent when her children will trouble her. Nirmala says she was very happy when Shantaram was born and did not know he would do this one day.

Eknath thinks if baba really wanted to go why did he make such a big drama. He asks Usha why did baba steal his own money instead of asking, he would have happily returned his money. Usha as usual says whatever he did is right, his father and his ideologies are poles apart, so it is good they stay separately than staying together and fighting; it is better he uses his saved money to pay his debt. Shantaram says she is right. Ananand silently picks his bag and leaves home searching azoba and aaji. He finds old couple wearing similar clothes and runs to them happily, but gets sad seeing someone else.

Sai tells Eknath and Nirmala that they gave good morales/sanskar to their son, he will return to them for sure. Eknath asks how can he be so sure, if he is trying to console them. Sai asks Jhipri to keep food back as they are not hungry. Jhipri says they are hungry. Sai orders to do as he says and walks away holding his bag. He goes begging. A girl stops him and asks why did not he ask food from her and offers him stale rotis. Her mothers stops her and apologizing Sai says she will get him fresh rotis. Sai says it is okay and walks away with stale rotis. Anand sits under tree tired after failing to find his aaji and azoba. Sai turns stale rotis into puran poli/sweet rotis. Ananand smells his aaji’s puran poli and sees Sai holding them. Sai offers him puran poli. Ananand asks if he knows where are his azoba and aaji. Sai says they are at dwarkamayi. Ananand says he should have searched them there. Sai asks if he wants to met his azoba and aaji, he has to do one thing and explains his plan.

At Dwarkamayi, Jhipri requests Eknath and Nirmala to have food, but they deny. Sai walks in with Ananand. They both get happy seeing Ananand. Anand shows them puran poli and says he will have it only if they have it with him. They agree. They all 3 feed each other. Nirmala says it tastes exactly like her prepared puran poli, she was thinking of preparing it for Ananand but could not due the mishap happened. Sai says her wish is fulfilled. Ananand returns Eknath’s given gifts and asks him to sell them back and return that money to his parents as he heard his parents talking about money. Eknath says he cannot do that and asks if he informed his parents and came here. He says no. Eknath asks to return home. Nirmala asks when will he come tomorrow. Ananand says only if she offers him laddoos. He agrees. Ananand returns home. Shantaram rudely scolds him as usual and orders him to sleep. He does not and says Aaji used to make him sleep. Shantaram scolds Usha for not knowing to make her son asleep. She argues with him that she is busy whole day, he should have learnt instead. Their argument continues. She shouts at him to stop fighting and let her sleep now.

Precap: Eknath seeks job from a man who says he has only labor work which only young people can do. Eknath says it is better to do labor work than being hungry.

Update Credit to: MA

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