Mere Sai 18th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishwanath Dies Helping Aditya

Mere Sai 18th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri and others tell Sai that Keshav left. Sai asks them not to be sad and tells that it was Keshav’s destiny. Banta gets the mangalsutra from Shyam Rao after beating him mercilessly and asks his son to give mangalsutra to Kulkarni with his hand. He asks him to free his hand and says he will apologize to Kulkarni and will give mangalsutra to him. Banta throws the mangalsutra in the snake hole. Vishwanath looks at them. Banta says if your father dies then you will be responsible and not us. Sai tells kids about use of flowers. Jhipri asks why God makes human do wrong thing. Sai says it is human’s independent thinking to take their own decisions. He says God don’t interfere, it is humans who decide their path. He hangs flowers chain in Dwarka Maai. Shyam Rao’s son think it is his responsibility to save his baba. He steps on the mud and falls down and faints. Vishwanath tries to make Aditya gains consciousness. He thinks Shyam Rao will die if Kulkarni’s men continue to beat him.

Chivu searches for Vishwanath and Kulkarni and comes to jungle worriedly. Vishwanath puts his hand inside the snake hole and gets the mangalsutra. Snake is in the hole. Aditya gains consciousness. Vishwanath gives mangalsutra in Aditya’s hand.

Aditya sees snake bite on Vishwanath’s hand and shouts. Kulkarni says it seems snake has bitten Aditya, lets go and see. Vishwanath falls down in the mud unconscious due to the snake poison. Kulkarni sees Vishwanath on ground. Chivu comes there and shouts asking him to get up. Vishwanath opens his eyes, takes Sai’s name and closes his eyes. He dies. Chivu cries badly.

Sai calls Vishwanath’s soul to him. Vishwanath’s soul smiles. He tells that his life’s mission is complete, now there is nothing to get or lose, and tells that why human fears to come in this world. He says you are in every world. He says you gave me everything and says you gave confidence in me, gave me Chivu’s love and most importantly I have understood my life’s mission. He thanks him and says I have completed my life’s journey because of you. Sai says you have become matyr and will be alive in everyone’s heart for whom you have taken a stand. Vishwanath’s soul asks him to give moksha. Sai smiles. He opens the pot and shows to Vishwanath. Vishwanath gets moksha due to Sai’s divine powers. Om Sai plays…..Vishwanath’s soul goes in the sky. Sai looks at the sky.

Show is taking a leap tomorrow. Sai is seen walking.

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