Mere Sai 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Cures Dashrath

Mere Sai 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai asks Dashrath that he wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming an advocate via Samrat, but Samrat finds difficulty in studies and used to feel immense pressure. Dashrath asks then why didn’t he say before. Sai says he didn’t want Dashrath to stop loving him and didn’t want to disappoint him, etc.. He suggests to give equal love to both his children and understand their feelings. Dashrath nods yes. Upasana asks if her father’s house can be saved from Kulkarni.

Sai suggests Dashrath to pray god by performing aarti with his children and repent for his sins. Dashrath signals Upasana to perform aarti with him. She emotionally holds his hand and performs god’s aarti. His paralytic hand gets normal and he raises it. He then apologizes Upasana for misbehaving with her and tells family let us go home and stay their until they are evicted. He doesn’t see Sai there and someone informs that Sai went towards Lendibaugh.

Dashrath reaches Lendibaugh and says he came to apologize him. Upasana amazed to see wheat plants within a day of Sai sowing seeds and asks Sai how is it possible. Sai touches plant and gets wheat out of it. He asks Dashrath to spread this wheat around wheat bags, wheat won’t spoil again in life. Dashrath asks what about already spoilt wheath. Upasana says he should trust Sai. Dashrath agrees and says he doesn’t have anything to lose anyways. He spreads Sai’s given wheat all around his spoilt wheat bags. Kulkarni with his goons enters and shouts to vacate the house and godown. Dashrath pleads to give him some time. Goons catch him while Santa enters and throws wheat bag out. They are all amazed to see wheat fresh as unspoilt. Kulkarni orders Santa to check other wheat bags. Santa checks and says all bags are fresh. Dashrath rejoices and requests Kulkarni to give him some time till he sells his wheat and repay him. Kulkarni says he wants his money right now. Dashrath asks who will buy his wheat right now. Someone enters and says he will.

Precap: Sai senses some trouble and asks Tatya and Keshav to add kapur and panchamruth in fire pit from hereon as he wants to do yagna for mother nature.

Update Credit to: MA

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