Mere Sai 18th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Renuka and Datttatrey’s Demand To Get Fame Overname

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Mere Sai 18th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tapi cries in front of Sai that someone from family revealed about her wealth to government. Vinayak reminds her that she shouted in front of maids about finding wealth in jungle. She then yells at British government that it is very ruthless and snatched all her wealth. Vinayak takes her away. Renuka tells Dattatrey that good they did not pick wealth stone, wealth will go away, but fame will be there even after they die. Dattatrey says she is right. Renuka asks Dattatrey to ask Sai then when will they get fame. Sai smiles hearing that.

Kullkarni is shocked see gold coin empty and has a hole. He punishes Anta and Panta for their mistake and ask where did they get this holed bag from. Panta lies that he took it from someone and it was intact. Kulkarni walks away saying coins must be lying

on ground and they should go and get them before someone picks. Anta asks Panta why did he lie and did not tell that they took bag from Sai. Panta says if they had informed bag was Sai’s, he will not spare them.

Renuka and Dattatrey ask Sai when will they get fame. Sai asks whether they want to fame overnight or by hard work. They say who will work hard, they need overnight fame. Sai smiles. They walk away thinking they will be famous tomorrow. Dattatrey sends Renuka to go first and check Tapi’s drama, he will come late. Once she leaves, he picks gold coins from his pocket and thinks he took a few coins from trunk beforehand. Sai smiles hearing that.

Kulkarni with his servants searches gold coins on road. Sai passes by and asks if they need any help. Kuilkarni yells to get away and not disturb him. Sai leaves smiling. Kulkarni realizes Sai was the one he last saw while carrying wealth and thinks Sai did black magic and hid coins. He yells at Anta Panta that stolen wealth into drain because of their carelessness, slaps them again and walks away. Anta Panta return bag to Sai yelling at him. Sai thanks them for returning bag. Sai gives bag to Jhipri and says she can keep it. Jhipri says it is torn. He asks to check carefully, it is intact. Jhipri checks and thanks Sai.

Dattatrey gets inebriated at arrack shop and reveals that his brother and SIL got wealthh and government took it back due to their foolishness, he would have enjoyed wealth daily stealing wealth like he stole a few coins today and is enjoying liquor here. He yells that British government is really cruel to loot their money and rule on them, he will become a rebel. British government’s spy hears that and complains police that Dattatrey is a rebel and is planning to go against British government. Officer gets Dattatrey’s sketch done. Sai via telepathy watches everything.

Precap: Police arrests Dattatrey. Sai comes forward to rescue him.

Update Credit to: MA

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