Mere Sai 17th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai Rescues Chetan

Mere Sai 17th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kulkarni continues his wicked games and says he promised to complete Joshi’s house partition loyally, now they have to decide with whom parents will stay. Chintamani and Trambak says there is no need for that, parents can stay wherever they want. Godavari says when they have divided everything, they should divide even parents. Kulkarni says Godavari will stay with Trambak and Gangadhar Joshi with Chintamani. Joshi pleads to let them stay together during their old days at least. Kulkarni says he is a mukhiya/village head and has to perform his duty loyally. He walks away smirking while Godavari and Joshi stand crying. After sometime, Godavari gets a severe coughing spell. Joshi rushes towards her, but she asks him not to cross border. He says no border can stop him from reaching her and asks to let him come there, but she stops him again saying if her illness can unite her children, she is ready to face pain. Damayanti says aayi needs honey and clove mixture. Joshi asks to give it to her then. Damayanit says that part is Anandi and Trambak and she cannot cross border. Joshi asks if a border is more important than Godavari’s life.

Sai notices this in fire pit. Tatya brings blanket for him. He asks if people’s ego is more important than one’s life? He explains whole situation. Tatya says Godavari and Joshi kaka are suffering because of Trambak and Chintamani’s mistake, can’t Sai do something. Sai says he got some work and leaves Dwarkamayi. On the other side, Gopi insists to have food only from Damayanti while Anandi tries to feed him. Sai shows a broken tree stem and tells Tatya that tree also feels pain when a stem breaks. He fixes stem with a cloth and says whenever this kind of situation happens, they need to fix it right away so that the stem reunites and can face any storm in the future.

Anandi prepares honey clove decoction for Godavari and says she is late because she was trying to feed Gopi. Damayanti noticing that tells Joshi that she will give him food on time. Godavari says she added excess cloves in decoction. Anandi says she will make it properly next time. Gopi addressing Damayanti as aayi/mother asks why don’t she feed him. Anandi scolds him not to call anyone aayi and drags him in. Damayanti stands sadly noticing that. On the other side, Sai says if a family fights, they will realize their mistakes seeing each other’s pain and then will reunite like this stem. He removes cloth from stem and sees it fixed.

Back Dwarkamayi, Rambha and other ladies decorate lamps and discuss that good they started it early so that they can complete decoration before diwali. Other lady says usually children used to play around Dwarkamayi during this time. Sai says where are the kids. Lady says Ragini and other kids are playing hide and seek near water well. A boy Chetan slips and falls in water well while trying to hide. Sai rushes and holds him. All ladies are shocked and look at Sai in surprise. Chetan pleads for help. Ragini notices him hanging in air and calls elders. Tatya and his friend reach there and seeing him hanging in air in the well extend hand and pull him up. Ladies realize that Sai is helping someone. Tatya pulls Chetan up. Sai smiles noticing that. Tatya asks Chetan if he is fine, how was he flying in air. Chetan says he doesn’t know, he felt as if someone was holding him. Tatya realizes Sai was holding him. He reaches Dwarkamayi with children and thanks him for saving Chetan and they all saw how Sai held Chetan in air. Chetan’s mother gets concerned. Tatya explains him whole story. Mother thanks Sai and says he proved that he helps his devotees. Sai chants Ramji Bhala Kare.

Amba meets Tejasvi and explains her whole story; she thinks she did this for her self-respect, but she is feeling guilty. Tejasvi says she must be feeling guilty, but now her brothers will realize their mistake and her value. Amba says they are her family. Tejasvi says they don’t consider her as family, then why is she feeling guilty; she will be ruling from here as her both brothers’ doors are open for her, now her brothers will realize when they do hard work what all she was suffering at her in-laws’ place. Amba gets convinced and leaves. Kulkarni hears their conversation. Tejasvi says as promised, she broke Joshi’s family, she fulfilled her promise, when will he. Kulkarni says he already told that he doesn’t care about nanad-vahini drama, he wants Joshi family suffer financially and even fakeer/Sai cannot help them; she is incapable of doing this and should be happy with nanad-vahini drama. Tejasvi says she has thought everything beforehand, Amba told Joshi’s don’t have fertilizer for their field, till when their crop will survive. Kulkarni thinks now he will play his game. Sai notices that.

Precap: Amba slips and falls in dark. Sai shows her lantern light. She thanks Sai. Sai says he always try to show light to distracted people.

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