Mere Sai 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Makes Ganpat Rao His Slave

Mere Sai 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri Lakshmi drops her cow dung cake basket and angrily throws cakes back in basket. Sari sees that and asks why she is angry today. She says she sold cakes to Bhanu uncle who is not repaying her since 1 month. Sai asks to go again and requests calmly. Jhipri says she will do same and see.

Kulkarni walks into Drama tent and taunts Ganpat Rao. Ganpat Rao boasts that he is an artist and will always be famous, but Kulkarni is village chief now and may not be in future, says nobody can take away his art from him. Kulkarni says he has already sold himself to him. Ganpat Rao asks what…in shock. She shows papers and says he has signed on them and it clearly states if he cannot pay him, he will be his servant. Ganpat Rao says he took loan from Gangaram and signed these papers. Kulkarni

says Gangaram works for him. He shows clause and laughs that Ganpat Rao is his servant now.

Jhipri goes to Bhanu to receive her money. Bhanu says he paid her already last month. Jhipri asks not to joke. Bhanu says he is not lying, he paid her already. His wife asks him to pay poor girl. He warns her to shut her mouth and yells at Jhipri that she got greedy and wants money twice. Jhipri asks neighbor if she took even a single extra paisa from them till now. They say no. Bhanu continues yelling and warns people even they will be looted by Jhipri soon, so they should be careful. Jhipri gets very angry and says nobody alleged her till now, how dare he is. She collapses. Sai holds her before she falls on ground. Abdul always rushes to Jhipri.

Bhanu’s wife confronts him that to save a few bucks, he wanted to tricked Jhipri, she is selling them cow dung cakes, since childhood and never took extra money, if something happens to her, curse will destroy him. Sai sprinkles water on Jhipri and asks her to wake up. She wakes up and asks man why did he lie. Sai says this man is deep in debts, so he tried to shoo her away. He asks man why did he took loan and gifted his niece and he did same many times before, why did he take loan and made a new room. When he could not gather money, he wanted to trick a small girl who sells cow dung cake roaming under sun to feed her family. Bhanu apologizes Jhipri and accepts his crime and says he has seen her since childhood and tried to fool her, but seeing her unconscious, he felt guilty. He gives some money and says he will pay her remaining money soon. Jhipri says they both are in same village, he can pay her when he gets money. Man walks into his room crying.

Precap: Sai sees Ganpat Rao and asks why he is looking tensed, if he can help him. Ganpat Rao insults him that he himself is a beggar and wants to help him.

Update Credit to: MA

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