Mere Sai 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Sai saves bird’s nest

Mere Sai 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sai is plucking the leaves. Jhipri asks why you are plucking it out. Sai says the insects harmed these small plants and says he can’t treat them. He tells that insects are like evil thing in my mind and we have to make them believe that they are powerless. Jhipri asks why I am feeling that you are talking about something else. Kamla and Saraswati wait for the couple to come. Champa feels something and asks bhairu to come fast. The couple comes to the boy and tells that he is their son. Boy pushes the fake mother. The man tells that the boy is their son. Bhairu’s father asks them to wait for sometime until his son and daughter in law comes. The boy’s fake father tells that his Azooba and Aaji are very worried. The boy says they are not my Aai and Baba. The boy says he is lying.

Kamla asks him to go. The boy refuses to go. Bhairu’s father asks why he don’t want to go with you. The man tells that last time he was scolded badly and that’s why he is refusing to go. The boy picks the flute and says I will not go. The man takes boy in his hand. Boy plays flute and smiles. A heavy wind comes stopping them. The man keeps the boy on ground. The boy continues to play flute. Sai appears infront of them. The boy smiles and looks at Sai. Everyone rubs their eyes. Sai plays….Kamla thinks how Sai came here? Sai asks where you was taking this boy? Kamla says to his home. The boy says they’re not my parents. Sai asks for proofs. Kamla says if mother’s tears are not enough.

Sai says he wants to confirm and asks for the proofs. The woman tells that he likes jalebi. Sai says all kids like it. The man says he plays flute nicely. Sai asks if there is anything more. The man says he has proof. Bhairu and Champa come there. Champa asks if they are your parents. Sai says it is not confirmed yet. The man tells that the boy has birth mark on his left leg. Champa and Kamla confirm. Sai looks at boy’s left leg and makes the mark disappear. Boy shows his leg and asks where? The woman says may be on right hand. Boy shows his right leg, but there is no mark. The boy says they are not my Aai and baba. Bhairu asks who sent you here? Man says I didn’t know. Kamla and Saraswati get tensed. Sai asks Bhairu to leave him and asks man to look in his eyes and tell the truth. Man says a man came to us and gave us some money, asking us to take the boy from them and handover to him. Sai asks who was he? The man says we didn’t see him before. Sai says they are telling truth. The man asks his wife, did I tell something.

Saraswati tells Kamla that she sent a man to give them money. Sai looks at them and tells the couple to think about their son whom they left at home to come here. He asks how you will feel if someone takes your son. The couple apologizes to Sai and leave. Champa hugs the boy and cries. Sai asks him to calm down and says boy is still with you. Champa says I know, but I am crying as his real Aai and baba will come some day and will take him away, then what will I do. She says I have started loving him and can’t let him go away from me. The boy says I am not going anywhere. Bhairu says we will have our baby like him. Kamla thinks Saraswati’s plan failed, I have to do something. Later, Sai comes to ask for charity. Villager man comes out of his house coughing and tells that the house is full of smoke as his wife is making dal. Sai asks them to open the windows. The man tells about the bird who ruins everything in their house. Just then the bird comes there and gets inside the man house. The man throws stone on it, to make it go. Sai asks him not to throw stone on the bird and asks bird to come to him. He asks bird why it comes to this house again and again. Bird chirps. Sai tells that the bird is saying that you have taken her something. He asks man to think and closes his eyes. He sees a box in their house. Sai opens his eyes and looks at the box. Sai asks what is in it? Man says just clothes for winter. Suddenly the box starts moving. The man and his wife get shocked.

The man asks Sai to do something. Sai asks him to tell the truth to make it stop. Man tells Sai that the box is having bird’s nest and its eggs. Sai opens the box and takes the nest in his hand, carrying eggs. He looks at the bird. He turns to man and asks why did you do this? Man says I want to get rid of this bird and thought once I snatches its nest and eggs then it will go. Sai says this bird is a mother. Man says why she is staying on the tree near my house. Sai says where it will go, and says all trees are cut in the village. He says we distributed the land etc, but didn’t think about the birds and nature. He says whatever nature has given us, we shall respect it. He keeps the nest on the tree branches. Om sai plays….Man thinks very soon birds will have its babies and thinks how to make Sai understand that there will be much noise. Sai turns to him and says you don’t know when the thing might be proved useful to you.

Precap: Kamla brings boy to the jungle and keeps him there. a tiger comes there and roars at Kamla. Kamla gets scared. Sai makes the boy wake up.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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