Mere Sai 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Samrat Repents

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Mere Sai 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai takes Samrat to Dwarkamayi. Upasana with Sindhu’s help brings paralyzed Dashrath to Dwarkamayi. Samrat is shocked to see Dashrath in dilapadated condition and asks what happened to baba. Sindhu warns him to stay away from Dashrath as he is responsible for Dashrath’s condition. Shravan pleads to tell what happened to his baba. Sai asks to look into his baba’s eyes and watch via his mind. Samrat looks into Dashrat’s eyes and sees whole incident from buyers beating Dashrath for selling rotten wheat, him getting paralyzed unable to bear Samrat’s misbehavior, Upasana promising to get Samrat back on track, Khan informing Dashrath about Samrat stealing jewelry. He cries that his baba has to bear so much pain because of him, he should be punished instead of forgiveness. Sai says whoever accepts his/her mistakes and defects will learn to cope up.

Kulkarni with his goons enters Dwarkamayi and says let Dashrath that his son has become a big criminal. Sindhu pleads that they will repay his loan soon. Kulkarni orders Sai to send Samrat to him. Sai says everyone should get a chance to repent. Kulkarni says Samrat did a sin and not mistake and should be sent to jail. Villagers support Kulkarni. Sai tells Dashrath that he always ignored his daughter’s good deeds and son’s bad deeds, but now his daughter supported him and proved that either son or daughter can become family’s pride. Kulkarni says he is feeling happy seeing Sai insulting Samrat, but Shirdi citizens should do justice now. Sai tells Samrat that he is Shirdi citizens’ culprit and should apologize them. Samrat pleads citizens to punish him and not his father and he can bear any punishment. Sai tells citizens that Samrat’s changed behavior signifies he is repenting for his mistake and they should forgive him.

Kulkarni yells till when Sai will protect Samrat. Sai says he told citizens should do justice and now he is denying. Kulkarni orders Upasana that she should repay loan by evening, else he will take her father’s house and even Sai cannot protect her family. Sai says god will and asks Samrat to return temple jewelry immediately.

Precap: Sai asks Dashrath to perform aarti with his children’s help. Dashrath signals Upasana to perform aarti.

Update Credit to: MA

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