Mere Sai 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Villages Protest Against Tulsa

Mere Sai 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jhipri tells Sai that she heard that sound in the ram leela. She asks do you want Tulsa Kaki to fight a war. Sai says truth is that it depends on us how we see the things around us. He says if we have positivity around us, then everything seems to be good else we find problems even in small problems. Tulsa cares for a boy looking on her way. The boy’s mother comes to Tulsa and takes the boy with her. Everyone gets afraid of her and run to their homes. Tulsa finds their behavior strange. She thinks why villagers is doing this?

Malhari tells Mhalsapati that many villagers came to their house. Mhalsapati comes out and asks them to come inside. They ask him to come out and tells that they came to talk about Tulsa. Villagers say we have confirmed and say your sister is a witch. Other woman says your sister is a dayan and her foot is reverse. She says she tried to steal my son. Tulsa says this is lie and shows her feet. Woman says everyone felt this and we can’t risk our life. They request him to send her far from there. Tulsa cries. Woman says she lifted my son and draws cow milk. Tulsa says I did but…Mhalsapati says nobody has the right to blame my sister. He asks Tulsa to come inside. He asks Parvati also to come inside. Mhalsapati asks where is Gauri.

Parvati says she went to meet Yamuna. Villager woman asks Parvati to think and says even you have a son. Parvati says what we will do now. Villagers say we will not go until you throws her out of Shirdi. Sai comes to a house and gets bhiksha. Chandu tells that his wife is not in the house. Other man comes and asks Chandu to tell which branch to cut. Chandu tells Sai about the termites infected branch of the tree. Sai says can I see it? Villagers protest and asks Mhalsapati to think about himself. Mhalsapati recalls Sai’s words and picks the holy book which Sai asked him to read. He asks them not to worry and sit with him.

Anta and Banta come there and ask what happened? Villager man tells that Mhalsapati’s sister is a dayan. Anta and Banta are shocked. Chandu shows the big tree branch which needs to be cut. Sai puts some powder on it. He asks Chandu to give his cloth. Chandu gives. Sai keeps his hand on it. Villagers protest. Mhalsapati prays seeing in the book. Villager get hysterical. Some divine rays fall on Mhalsapati. Malhari says it seems everyone went. Sai removes the cloth from the tree branch. Chandu and the man see all termites gone. Sai says this branch is healthy now. He says we are humans and do mistakes. He says what we think as ruined is actually not ruined fully and need our attention to make it alright. She says we shall join the things and not break it, and it applies it all walks of life.

Banta tells Kulkarni that nobody will harm Mhalsapati other than Kulkarni. Anta says Kulkarni sarkaar wants to take revenge from him and need this chance. They go and tell Kulkarni. Kulkarni laughs and asks him to call all villagers to his Vada. He asks them to tell Villagers that he will do justice and asks to call Mhalsapati also. Mhalsapati finishes reading the holy book. Banta calls him and says sarkaar called you at Vada. Tulsa gets worried. Pavitra says Kulkarni will never do justice and says what will happen now? Mhalsapati says Sai. Sai sees a man seeing a stone on his way and tells that he has to go there roaming shirdi. Jhipri introduces Sai to Santosh and tells that he is handling business since his father suffered losses. Santosh tries to speak, but Jhipri speaks continuously and doesn’t let him speak. She asks Sai to tell. Santosh asks how to get rid of bad deeds of past.

Sai says everyone have to bear the deeds of their past and can’t run from it. Parvati tells Mhalsapati that his responsibility for Tulsa finished and he can’t risk their life for her. Tulsa cries. Sai looks on.

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