Mere Sai 15th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Sai’s Unique Way Of Helping Babu

Mere Sai 15th September 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sai goes begging at houses and asking about people’s problems. Tejasvi asks Amba what is she thinking. Amba says she feels she is not doing right as she is trying to break her family. Tejasvi says family is one which cares for each other, but her family doesn’t trust her; Trambak trusted elder brother Chintamani than sister Amba, they don’t even care for Amba. She continues that her brothers are sso selfish that they didn’t even tried to confront her husband once. Amba says when she returned home, they wanted to meet her husband, but she stopped them. Tejasvi says she was not in a position to think right, but her brothers should have thought about her, it is better she breaks their unity to make them realize their mistake. Amba says after what she did today, they will. She goes into flashback where Damayanti keeps full fat milk and cream for Trambak and informs Godavari. Amba removes cream and mixes water in milk. Out of flashback, she thinks now she will see what they will do. Tejasvi smirks hearing that.

Trambak returns home from gym and asks Anandi to bring his milk. She gives him milk. He sips and asks where is cream, she knows he wants cream milk after exercise. Anandi says Damayanti tai prepares milk everyday. Trambak asks what happened today then. Anandi reminisces Amba’s words and doubts Anandi. Damayanti returns home from market. Anandi asks why did she give milk’s cream to Chintamani dada instead of Trambak. Damayanti says she kept all cream milk for Trambak as usual and anyways Chintamani works hard in fields and sheds more sweat than Trambak, so even he needs energy. Anandi says she proved that she is more important in this house than them and Shyam is more important than Gopi. Damayanti warns her to mind her tongue. Chintamani returns and hearing Anandi misbehaving with Damayanti warns her to stop and asks Trambak why don’t he control Anandi. Trambak says Dayamanti started first. Their argument continues. Godavari hears their conversation, but doesn’t understand. Joshi returns and asks why are they shouting, what is happening. They all disperse. Sai notices their fight via superpowers. Godavari and Joshi get concerned seeing children fighting. Sai walks to them. Godavari requests to keep her family united. Sai gives her seashell bead necklace and asks her to pull 1 bead when she feels this is the worst day she saw. Godavari asks if she has to see more worst days. Sai asks to keep her mind calm and walks away.

Babu waits for his practical exam. He asks his friend how was his exam. He says it was very tough and he thought he will give all the answers but couldn’t. Babu gets more tensed reminiscing Abhayankar Guruji’s prediction that no one in the world can help him pass exam this year, so he has to give exam next year. He walks in tensed. Examiners question him to describe diabetes. He prays Sai baba for help. Sai emerges and says it is his test and he has to answer. Babu reminisces Sai meeting a diabetes patient who describes his symptoms. He describes all symptoms. Examiner gets impressed and asks about cholera and its treatment. Babu reminisces Tatya describing about it and its treatment of drinking boiled water. He answers same. Examiner asks about treatment for malaria. Babu prays Sai for help again. Sai says he gave 2 answers, now he has to answer himself. Babu gives answer confidently and continues answering next questions. Examiners get more impressed. Babu thinks he answered all questions right with Sai’s help.

Anandi and Damayanti’s tussle continues. Gopi calls Damayanti as aayi. Anandi scolds him and takes him in. Joshi and Godavari get sad seeing that. During dinner, they finish dinner silently without talking to each other. Next morning, Anandi goes to lake to add midicine. Sai asks if she is fine. She thinks Sai is a saint and will not understand family issues. She nods yes. Trambak and Chintamani go to buy farming tools and don’t speak directly. Godavari tells Anandi and Damayanti that they both are pillars of this house and its up to them to keep it united or break it. Trambak and Chintamani next go to buy fertilizer and argue. Joshi supports Trambak leaving Chintamani fuming. Sai noticing that chants Ramji Bhala Kare.

Precap: Trambak and Chintamani fight and insist for partition of property. Godavari with Joshi pleads Sai to stop this partition. Sai says let them do whatever they want, he cannot help.

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